Vess A6120 Series

Management, Analytics and Recording Servers

Purpose-Built for Video Surveillance

The Vess A6120 series is purpose-built as building blocks for the deployment of a complete video surveillance system. Reliable and easy to set up, there are three main specifications for the Vess A6120 series:

  • Vess Orange (A6120-AS) - designed for running intelligent video analytics
  • Vess Black (A6120-MS) - designed for managing the whole surveillance system
  • Vess Blue (A6120-RS) - designed for general recording purpose

Surveillance Building Blocks

Through the deployments of Vess Orange, Vess Blue and Vess Black together with the entire Vess family of products, security professionals can build their own surveillance system for projects of any size.

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Customizable Interfaces and Graphics

The Vess A6120 is customizable so it can perform a variety of functions based on your needs. Use the available PCI or PCM cards to create the mix of data and network connections to suit your applications. Promise does provide a recommended set of HBAs and add-in cards for customers to choose from, including 1G Base-T, 10G Base-T, 10G SPF+, SAS expansion, extension RAID boards as well as graphic cards. 

Embedded SMARTBOOST™ Technologies

A6120 is equipped with Promise's SMARTBOOST™ Technologies to optimize the system performance while playing back and writing surveillance video to the system. SMARTBOOST™ Technologies include:                           

  • Predictive Playback - better playback performance
  • Non-Stop Service - non-stop video surveillance services



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