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Description of Shareholder Service

Description of Shareholder Service

PROMISE Technology, Inc. (PROMISE Technology, Inc.)  has committed itself to the field of storage technology for 30 years. It strives to provide vertical storage solutions for this industry. Examples of its products and services include: cloud storage solutions, surveillance storage solution, digital audio and video editing solutions, …, and so on. In addition, the company has created a comprehensive array of  FC/iSCSI/SAS RAID storage equipment products. Examples of such products are: Rack RAID storage system with SAN  and  DAS application. NAS/DAS web storage system, RAID ASICs…, and so on. With class-leading R&D capabilities and extensive global distribution and service network, PROMISE Technology, Inc. is committed to the creed of “greatest customer satisfaction” as it advances its lead over other firms in the industry. PROMISE Technology, Inc. is an ISO-9001:2008 and  ISO-14001:2004 certified manufacturer. It has business locations for sales service in Europe, the Americas, Japan, Middle East, and Asia. It provides the most timely support and service to customers worldwide.

PROMISE Technology, Inc. completed the IPO of its stocks on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in Feb. 2002. Its stock symbol is "3057."

To make it easier for you to understand the operating condition of PROMISE Technology, Inc., our company will update the content of this website periodically so that we can provide the latest information and relevant investment reports.

Investor Service

  Please go to the website of the Market Observation Post System and enter the stock symbol "3057." Then you can look up relevant information.

Investor Relations

Please contact us through the following channels if you have any questions:

Name: Grace Chu
Phone: 886-3-5782395

Acting spokesperson
Name: Alan Huang
Phone: 886-3-5782395

Contact person for stock transfer: Mr. Huang
Address; 2 FL, No. 30, Industrial East Ninth Road, Science Park, Hsinchu
IR service phone: 886-3-5782395 ext. 5114

Stock transfer agent

Stock transfer agent: Transfer Agency Department of CTBC Bank Co., Ltd.
Address: 5F., No.83, Sec. 1, Chongqing S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100
Phone: 02-6636-5566 Fax: 02-2311-6723


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