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Corporate Social Responsibility Operations

Corporate Social Responsibility Operations

Important Information on Corporate Social Responsibility Operations:

(1)    Environmental Protection:

  1.  Comply with Government Environmental Protection Laws and Regulations
  2.  Ensure product design and production are oriented toward low-pollution and recycled raw materials under the Company’s product quality conditions.
  3.  All products are in line with RoHS, WEEE, ISO14001, and REACH specifications, with reduced use of hazardous substances such as lead, cadmium, bromine, and halogen.
  4.  The printed circuit boards used for products under the banner do not contain halogen and are applied in NPG150 of x30 products. Promise Technology Inc. is committed to carefully planning of increased recycled material use where possible.
  5.  Committed to environmental technology, Promise Technology Inc. is gradually changing its coping mode towards environmental protection issues, using power in an economic way and collaborating with partners and clients in order to fully use resources and avoid waste.
  6.  Committed to environmental protection related technology transfer in response to environmental challenge, the Company cooperates with partners and clients through sustainable power use, thereby strengthening resource and waste control.

(2)    Social Contribution, Services, Welfare:

  1.  The Company complies with relevant local labor laws and respects international labor rights related principles implemented non-discriminatory employment policies and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employees.
  2.  Employees are provided with a safe and healthy work environment, and safety and health education is periodically implemented.
  3.  The Company upholds the pursuit of take from society, give back to society and humanitarian care and continuously organize charitable activities, support emergency relief, and care for vulnerable groups.
  • In 2017, the Company launched the Moon Cake Donation event, raising NT$48,400 for children from the St. Teresa Children Center affiliated with Hsinchu Diocese to have a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • In the company interior, the Charitable Shoe Boxes Donation event was held, raising 25 “charitable shoe boxes” (stationery, toys, gifts, etc.), which were donated to vulnerable families and the general public by the Department of Social Affairs, Hsinchu City Government.
  • A donation box is permanently placed at the factory for employees to donate their coins and uniform invoices. The collection will be donated to the NGO for supporting disadvantaged families.
  • In the annual company event 'Movie Appreciation Day', free movie tickets and meals have been offering to children from disadvantaged families for happy hours with Promise Technology employees.

(3)    Rights and Interests of Consumers:

The product of Promise Technology Inc. has the support of the industry’s best three-year system warranty, a full range of global support, year-round e-mail and telephone support services, well-experience professional support staff, free software updates, and an online support download website. In addition, Promise Technology Inc. also provides various service plans to further complement the services, while substantially reducing downtime (failure status).

(4)    Safety and Hygiene:

The Company provides necessary safety and health education and disaster prevention training measures based on employees’ line of work in order to ensure work environment and employee safety. The work environment and employee safety protection measures are explained below.

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