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A JBOD with Green DNA

VTrak J5960 continues our record of using green technologies, incorporating green design (such as tiered power management), green production methods, and a commitment to environmental protection. Markedly reduced power consumption has been verified in independent laboratory tests conducted in Germany. See the full report here. In addition to green design, VTrak J5960 PSUs are certified 80 Plus Platinum and Energy Star Ready for high power conversion efficiency at different loads: 91% efficiency for 20% loads, 94% efficiency for 50% loads, and 91% efficiency for 100% loads.



Innovative GreenBoost Design for Energy Saving

GreenBoost presents a range of innovative design features aimed at conserving energy. Our patented Intelligent Power Management leverages the power-saving capabilities of multiple data storage devices to effectively control the power-saving mode of each drive. By optimizing each drive mode without compromising performance and reliability of the RAID group, we have achieved significant reductions in power consumption. During testing, the PROMISE VTrak J5960 enclosure equipped with patented Intelligent Power Management technology demonstrated energy savings of up to 30% when compared to competing enclosures, supporting data storage capacities ranging from 60 to 480 drives.

High-Density Storage, Expansion up to 8 Petabytes

The VTrak J5960 high-density SAS enterprise JBOD storage solution balances high performance and high capacity in a robust, quiet, energy efficient, cool running system. Each unit supports a Petabyte of storage capacity in a compact form factor with scalability potential to over 8 Petabytes per 8-unit cascade. As demand for very high capacity storage continues to increase, VTrak J5960 high-density storage is here to meet that demand.

The SAS zoning feature enables simultaneous sharing of the giant JBOD storage enclosure among multiple connected server nodes.

VTrak J5960 features fully redundant I/O modules, power supplies, and cooling units – in an all hot-swappable design - for constant high availability in enterprise environments, even in the event of component failure.

Optimized for High-Performance Datacenter

The VTrak J5960 is designed for enterprise environments that require very large capacity, high bandwidth and high speed. VTrak J5960 features six external 12Gb/s SAS ports per input/output (I/O) module; a total of twelve 12Gb/s SAS ports on each dual I/O module chassis, delivering the extremely high performance required for modern data centers.

Optimized for high-speed computing applications, cloud platforms and enterprise applications with up to 15GB/s aggregate transfer rate with 60 HDDs for heavy workload scenarios.


The cable-less innovative mechanical design of the VTrak J5960 enclosure and sliding rail system make it easy to service and maintain. The compact enclosure depth of 666 mm is ideal for data center with equipped racks of 1000 mm depth. It features a sliding top and sturdy sliding rail system that enables easy access to all HDDs and the interior while remaining safely mounted in the rack.

SAS IO modules are accessible for replacement from the front while SAS data ports remain at the back for host connectivity. The VTrak J5960 is unbeatable when it comes to physical maintenance of the system and accessibility of components.


  • PROMISE Technology unveils “Green” High Density JBOD to meet large data storage demand
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General Information
Form Factor
4U60 Bays JBOD storage chassis
The number of Drives
Drive Support
Dual IOM : 12 Gb SAS HDD and SSD drives
Single IOM : 12 Gb SAS , or 6 Gb SATA HDD and SSD drives
IO Module
Dual or Single
Up to 8 sets of J5960 4U60 JBODs
Host Interface/ External IO Port
- SAS Port
- Ethernet Port
- Serial Port
  • 6 Mini SAS HD connectors (SFF-8644) for upstream or downstream each IOM
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet each IOM (management port)
  • 1 RJ11 each IOM (management port)
Hot Swappable FRU
HDD, IO Module, Power Supply Module, Fan
SAS Expander Features
  • Self-configuring expander supports full SAS domain topology management
  • T-10 based zoning support
  • End Device Frame Buffering (aggregate bandwidth over multiple slow devices e.g. SAS 6G drive)

Smart cable support to detect cable type and tune PHY automatically for maximum reliability
SMP – SAS Management Protocol

  • In-band access to Expander and PHY information
  • Statistic counters
  • SES EM – SES Enclosure Management (ANSI T10 SES Compliant)
  • SCSI SES command set over virtual SSP device
System Management
Management interfaces & tools
Command Line Interface (CLI) via Serial Port, Ethernet Port (SSH, Telnet)
System Management Protocol
ANSI T10 SES, SMP (SES over in-band SAS) Persistence Error Logging with NVRAM, VPD (Vital Product Data) on Chassis and FRUs
LED indictor
LED status indicator support for Enclosure, IOM, PSU and Fan: System Power Status LED, Global Enclosure Status LED, IOM1 Activity LED, IOM1 Status LED, IOM1 Heart Beat LED, IOM2 Activity LED, IOM2 Status LED, IOM2 Heart Beat LED, Fan status LED, Ethernet pairs Link/Activity LED, 6 SAS Wide Port LED, PSU Status LED.
Physical Inforamtion
Dimension (H x W x D, mm)
177mm x 445mm x 666mm
Net Weight without HDD : 35Kg (Estimation)
Net Weight with HDD : 70Kg (Estimation)
2 * (50 x 80mm) Hot-Swappable Fan Modules
Power Supply
80 PLUS Platinum 1200W Redundant Power Supply
100-127Vac, 200-240Vac
Current (Maximum)
< 15A@100-127Vac @full load< ; 10A@200-240Vac @full load
Power Conversion Effciency
Load 10% Eff 86% , Load 20% Eff 91% , Load 50% Eff 94% , Load 100% Eff 91% Eff for 230Vac
Operational Environment
Temperature : 5ºC to 35ºC
Humidity : 10% to 80%
Non-Operational Environment
Temperature : -40ºC to 60ºC
Humidity : 10% to 95%
Environment Standard
Warranty and Support
3-year standard limited warranty, optional extended warranty, optional on-site parts replacemenr program (PSP)
24/7 Promise eSupport portal and phone support


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