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Rich Media

Data storage for the creator economy

The PROMISE engineering and design team have established a reputation for reliability, performance and ease of use, creating systems used by media professionals worldwide - from major studio post production teams to independent creators.

It might be difficult for some people to imagine now, but there was once a world without online public video hosting available to anyone and everyone for their entertainment, and to share their original creations with the entire world. Oh how the world of media has changed in such a short period of time.

The content creation revolution has massively changed the media environment across the globe, enabling a renaissance of sorts for creative people to express their artistic and whimsical selves to audiences small and large. PROMISE Technology has been along for this wild ride from the start. The Pegasus Series introduced the first-to-market Thunderbolt™ Storage RAID featuring the groundbreaking Thunderbolt connection platform back in 2010. By that time however, PROMISE had already, and for many years established the VTrak Series of specialized high-performance network RAID storage systems targeting the video broadcast and studio markets, becoming widely adopted in Europe, Asia and the US.

This legacy of performance, reliability and innovation has propelled PROMISE Technology to be well-regarded in the content creation community - both in large corporate media environments and the solo creator’s living room alike.

Pegasus Thunderbolt™ Storage Solution

  • Pegasus R12

    photo of Pegasus R12

    Who says we can’t put twelve HDD in a compact Thunderbolt DAS? Check out this 12-drive Thunderbolt™ 4 RAID performance marvel that is only a bit larger than the Pegasus32.

  • Pegasus M4

    photo of Pegasus M4

    Ultra compact, ultra fast four SSD RAID for maximum portability. This mighty mite is deal for creators on the go.

  • Pegasus32 Series

    photo of Pegasus32 R4, R6, R8

    The flagship brand that started it all, our best selling Pegasus32 is beloved worldwide for reliability, portability and performance.

  • Pegasus J2i

    photo of Pegasus J2i

    Need more internal capacity for your Mac Pro? This two-bay internal bus storage kit assembly is ready to add capacity and performance to your new Mac Pro.

  • Pegasus R4i

    photo of Pegasus R4i

    While supplies last, this four-bay RAID MPX Module for 2019 Mac Pro features four 8TB 7200 rpm SATA drives for additional capacity on your 2019 Mac Pro.

PegasusPro Thunderbolt™ / Network Storage

  • SanLink Series

    photo of SANLink 25G

    Thunderbolt™ to Ethernet adapter perfect for notebooks with no Ethernet or a slower Ethernet connection. Ready for connection to 10G or 25G network.

  • PegasusPro R16

    photo of PegasusPro R16

    Sixteen drive Thunderbolt™ DAS/NAS hybrid RAID ideal for post-production collaboration projects. Rapid transfer between DAS and NAS volumes; connects to other Pegasus Thunderbolt storage for added capacity or rapid file upload. Easy set and client management with PROMISE Utility Pro.

  • PegasusPro R8

    photo of PegasusPro R8

    Eight drive Thunderbolt™ DAS/NAS hybrid RAID ideal for post-production collaboration projects. Rapid transfer between DAS and NAS volumes. Features include NVMe caching for extreme throughput performance and user friendly PROMISE Utility Pro software.

VTrak high-performance Shared/FC SAN/Unified Network Storage

  • VTrak N1000 Series

    photo of VTrak N1000 Series

    Series engineered for post-production teams requiring extremely high speed file sharing over 10G or 25G network. Available in sixteen-bay RAID NAS with intuitive easy to use PROMISE Utility Pro management software for clients and administrator.

  • VTrak E Series

    photo of VTrak E Series

    High-performance SAN RAID post production & broadcast workhorse used in studio settings for many years. The E-Series is ideal for storing, archiving and sharing media files for team projects.

  • VTrak D Series

    photo of VTrak D Series

    All-SSD twenty-four bay performance champion is especially well-suited for post-production/broadcast teams that need extremely reliable high performance network storage. This can be paired with other PROMISE systems such as the VTrak J5960 JBOD for a very large capacity upgrade.

Unique innovations for Rich Media

logo of FileBoost Tech

FileBoost uses proprietary algorithms that enable extremely rapid data transfer from a shared NAS folder to clients connected via 10G or faster Ethernet AND rapid sharing between the DAS volume (on PegasusPro units) and shared NAS volume. This greatly reduces time expended waiting for large file transfers to be completed, thus improving workflow for collaborative efforts (such as video post production projects) that require frequent sharing of very large data files.

logo of TierBoost

TierBoost optimizes storage usage with high speed and large capacity, enhancing NAS performance through intelligent auto-tiering and user-defined file assignments. TierBoost is currently supported on the VTrak N1616. The primary benefits are data storage efficiency (defined in terms of cost per megabyte) and workflow efficiency from time saved from using higher speed data transfer for the most used and shared data.

logo of TierBoost

HybridBoost effectively balances the sometimes competing demands of remote access and cyber security with optimal storage utilization. It supports simplified syncing, backup/restore functions and archiving on local, remote or Cloud storage. Link easily to your account with any of the major Cloud service providers for Remote Sync, Backup/Restore, and Archive functions.

logo of NVMeBoost

NVMeBoost takes advantage of the much lower latency and higher throughput of NVMe SSDs, implemented using two different strategies: NVMe cache and NVMe Pool. An NVMe read or write cache greatly increases read/write performance while using conventional HDD for the RAID array. NVMe Pool creates an array made up entirely of NVMe SSDs for extremely high performance (though at considerably higher cost).

logo of GreenBoost

GreenBoost includes novel mechanical design of the entire chassis to optimize air flow and fans engineered for durability and cooling performance efficiency. The goal is maximum air flow and the most efficient heat transfer possible for the size of enclosure and number of hard disk drives. Testing by independent laboratories has confirmed the overall energy savings that result from this approach.

Related Products

VTrak N-Series

Shared Storage Optimized for Post-Production Workflow and Team Sharing

  • Perfect for collaborative workow features on Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X,
  • Autodesk Flame, etc.


  • Install high-performance dedicated SSD for Tiering to maximize storage performance
  • VTrak N1616 with TierBoost: up to 6GB/3GB Read/Write throughput: options of 8 x 10G Base-T, 8 x 10G SFP+ or 4 x 25G SFP28


  • Automatic or manual conguration options are used to classify digital assets for ecient use over the network. Most frequently used les remain in most rapid tier.
  • Three tier design engineered to meet maximum performance and capacity demands.

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VTrak D5000 Series

Edit & play back compressed video faster

A faster processor, 10Gb and 25Gb Ethernet ports, and more memory is just the beginning. Enhanced cached mirroring design, auto-regeneration of data to mitigate frame drops and optimized disk access all add up to blazing performance for broadcast and editing environments. The VTrak D5000 Series optimizes performance to enable media professionals to increase productivity by allowing efficient processing of compressed video, delivering best-in-class performance and reliability.

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VTrak E5000 Series

Edit & play back video faster than ever for Xsan, StorNext and Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere

A faster processor, faster FC ports, and more memory is just the beginning. Enhanced cached mirroring design, auto-regeneration of data to mitigate frame drops and optimized disk access all add up to blazing performance for broadcast and editing environments leveraging Xsan or StorNext. Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier users can edit seamlessly while taking advantage of blazing fast low latency storage. The VTrak E5000 Series optimizes performance to enable media professionals to increase productivity by up to 7 times over the previous generation VTrak X30 series, delivering best-in-class performance.

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Pegasus R12

Pegasus R12 utilizes the Thunderbolt™ 4 technology delivering up to 3,000MB/s data throughput, equipped with the industry renowned PromiseRAID engine. Pegasus R12 offers flexibility with two Thunderbolt™ 4 (Type-C) ports supported on current and earlier Mac and Windows generations.

Pegasus R12 delivers extreme high performance via the PromiseRAID powering 12-drive RAID array and 40Gbps Thunderbolt™ 4 throughput. Its unparalleled performance is boosted by the two on-board NVMe SSD caching. Pegasus R12 is a massive productivity injection to any creator's workflow.

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Pegasus M4

  • Mobile High-performance
    Highly compact RAID storage with Thunderbolt™3/4
  • Perfect Match for Mac Studio
    Fits neatly on a desktop under Mac Studio
  • 4K/8K Editing
    High-performance, low latency 4K/8K ingest/playback for postproduction workow eciency.
  • PromiseRAID
    All Pegasus devices including the M4 feature the PromiseRAID engine as a core technical advantage over competing systems.

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PegasusPro Series

PegasusPro leaps over technological hurdles to deliver a true Thunderbolt™ 3 DAS and NAS fusion system for a major improvement in workflow eflciency for digital media collaboration. PegasusPro is a kind of system that enables rapid data transfer from DAS to NAS and vice-versa, a huge time saving, performance improvement that is unique in the industry. In addition, utilizing 8th Gen Intel® CoreTM processors, PegasusPro delivers remarkable system performance. Multiple team members can connect to PegasusPro on 4K, even 8K productions; AND simultaneously share their work with other team contributors over 10G NAS. All done using a simple, intuitive user interface after a quick and easy one-time setup procedure.

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Pegasus R4i/J2i

Custom-Designed for the Mac Pro
The Power of Promise Pegasus Storage, Now Inside The Mac Pro

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Pegasus32 Series

NEW Thunderbolt™ 3 and USB 3.2 Gen 2 Hardware RAID Storage for Creative Professionals

Based on TitanRidge, Intel’s latest Thunderbolt™ chip, Pegasus32 has great new features expanding your connectivity. Connect to either Thunderbolt™ 3 enabled host at 40Gbps or USB 3.2 Gen 2 enabled host at 10Gbps!Thunderbolt™ 3 cable included

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SANLink3 N1

The SANLink3 Series with Thunderbolt™ 3 Technology revolutionizes how creative professionals connect Thunderbolt™ 3 device to an existing Ethernet infrastructure.

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