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About Promise

Our Company

Innovative storage solution provider

Promise Technology Inc. is a recognized global leader in the storage industry and the leading developer of high-performance storage solutions, designed for the data center, surveillance, cloud and rich media markets. Always striving to meet the rigorous demands of our customers, Promise has earned a reputation for developing innovative storage solutions for vertical markets which deliver practical answers to the business challenges facing large enterprise corporations, small to medium businesses, security integrators and creative professionals.

Promise is focusing on opening up new data storage markets, redefining storage possibilities and seeking opportunities for integrated development. This passion for innovation has kept us at the forefront of the storage industry and led us to form strategic alliances with leading storage-related companies worldwide. Promise has become the preferred storage provider for the world’s top resellers and integrators, who are proud to sell our technology and products through their vertical markets and channels with the capability of manufacturing in both Taiwan and US.

Our Values

Superior performance, quality and value

At the heart of Promise storage solutions is our commitment to provide customer-oriented solutions with the best cost/performance in the industry. Our commitment to providing cost-effective quality, reliability and support ensures that users around the world know that their data is safe, continuously available and usable within multiple applications, in a variety of markets, including consumer, rich media, cloud, surveillance, and IT. We’re bringing professional level thinking to a modern problem – how to save and share your files, and above all, keep them safe.

Strong partnerships

Promise has built long term relationships with major technology pioneers in the storage industry, including hard disk drive, CPU and server companies. These large multinational companies share their technology roadmaps and vision of the future with Promise to develop next generation technology together. This ensures that we always integrate with the latest technology, and develop products that meet tomorrow’s market demands.

Outstanding global service

Promise enterprise products are backed by an industry-leading three year complete system warranty and an extensive global support organization. Promise offers 24x7 email and phone support with highly experienced support professionals, free software updates and access to an online support download page. In addition, Promise also has multiple service offerings that provide further benefits, while greatly reducing the amount of downtime (in the event of a fault or failure).


Superior R&D

Promise prides itself on being an R&D focused company. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our storage solutions and continually investing in ways to provide our customers the best experience possible. We have seven advanced research centers around the world, including two in the USA, three in Taiwan and two in China. This has resulted in a proven history of market successes, based on a foundation of groundbreaking product technology.

An impressive 40% of our employees work in R&D, placing a focus on innovation and state-of-the-art technology within all of our products. With more than 31 years of experience and more than 16 million units sold worldwide, our customers can rest assured that our products have been field tested and honed to their current state of bullet-proof reliability.

Quality products, care for the environment

In 1999, PROMISE completed its ISO 9001 certification, an internationally recognized confirmation of the strict quality controls implemented in design, development, manufacturing, distribution and service. In 2005, we showed our care for the environment by acquiring ISO 14001 certification, committing us to minimizing our environmental footprint.

Globally deployed sales & marketing

As a global company for more than two decades, Promise fully understands the complex storage demands within different regions and countries. Promise has, and will continue to, set up new offices to service our channel partners, and utilize our global resources to serve our global accounts. By doing so, Promise will always be on the front line with our partners to face any challenges and ensure success.


National Defense Authorization Act Compliance Statement

  • Promise Technology is committed to providing NDAA Section 889 compliant products and does not have OEM, ODM and JDM relationships with the named vendors in the NDAA.
  • The following Promise Vess A Series storage servers optimized for surveillance application are compliant with the NDAA. The products in this list do not use or deploy critical components including SoCs produced component vendors that are expressly banned by the NDAA. These products will be included in Promise’s GSA contracts and are recommended for US Government applications that are subject to the NDAA.
  • The Promise compliance product list below will be regularly updated on the Promise company website.

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Certificate of Origin Statement

PROMISE Technology provides this statement to verify the country of origin for a product. It states where the product was produced, assembled or processed. It is used when required by customs authorities of various nations as part of the clearance process for importation. Furthermore, it may be required when the country of origin needs to be verified for economic, political or environmental reasons, such as import quotas, boycotts or anti-dumping measures.

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PromiseRAID is a logical choice for any company or individual looking for a storage solution to meet their goals for performance, security, flexibility and peace of mind when it comes to their data.

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Our People

Promise employs over 400 storage industry professionals worldwide to help with all aspects of the customer life cycle. That includes Research & Development, Technical Support, Quality Assurance, Global Logistics and Customer Service, IT/MIS, Manufacturing, Operations and Sales and Marketing. The Promise team is available to help our customers in each region find the right storage solutions that address their specific needs.

Green Commitment

Enhancing energy efficiency with Promise Technology

As energy costs rise and businesses look to use power in more sustainable ways, Promise is making strides to offer technology solutions that better manage resources and waste. Since disk drives comprise 70% of the total power usage of the subsystem, Promise provides its customers with a tiered power management option that is user configurable and adaptable to application environments.



Green design

Using Promise's stepwise process, users can configure different levels of power stages. Each step in the management level is designed to save power. From the Active state to Level 1 when drive heads are unloaded, there is a 10 – 20% power savings. Level 2, with lower spindle speeds has a savings of 30 – 40%. Level 3, when drives are spinning down, promotes 70 – 80% in power savings. Additionally, when needed, the entire process can be skipped pending user discretion.

Promise mitigates environmental impact by developing green products that reduce power consumption. We have adopted a high-efficiency power supply with 80PLUS Bronze/Silver/Gold certification for the Vess and VTrak product lines with MAID 2.0 support and On/Off power scheduling.

Green production

All Promise products are RoHS, WEEE, ISO14001 and REACH compliant. Additionally, we are reducing the use of hazardous materials like Pb, Cd, Br and halogens in all our products.  Promise has also made a commitment to increase its usage of recycled materials whenever prudent.

Product recycling management

Our company hopes to bring all PROMISE products into compliance with the 3R Principles, Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. The goals we wish to achieve in this effort include:

  • Lowering Product Hazard
  • Extending Product Life
  • Energy Saving
  • Ease of Recycling

The details of efforts to achieve these goals are listed below according to location.

EU Zone:

Recycling plans follow the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive from the EU and other regulatory requirements in various EU nations. Products sold in the EU zone will be recycled using the available local recycling systems. Products sold in the EU are required to be labeled for recycling into WEEE bins in compliance with WEEE Directive regulations.

We ask PROMISE customers in the European Union to please scrap PROMISE electronic and electrical products according to the WEEE Directive. Please send discarded products and materials to a qualified local recycling and disposal company for disposal.

Please DO NOT discard any WEEE labeled materials with general household waste.


The recycling process for waste IT products is primarily handled by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) in Taiwan. Companies are required to pay fees for the recycling process which are conducted according to regulations for imported products. These fees will be used for recycling, issuing subsidies, audit approval for quantities processed, management of recycling firms, and administration duties by the EPA.

For relevant recycling information in Taiwan, please refer to the website of the EPA’s Recycling Fund Management Board:

Recycling dedicated line:0800-085717


You can request a return of your old devices through the following link:

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive:

Other zones:

Please contact local recycling stations for recycling.

A commitment to transform

Through our commitment to green technology, PROMISE is transforming the ways in which we manage our environmental challenges. We are using power in a more sustainable way and are working with our partners and customers to better manage resources and waste.

RoHS/REACH Certificate of Compliance

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