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IT / Data Center

Powerful storage solutions for IT specific environments

Promise is excited to showcase a wide portfolio of solutions for IT managers.
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Full-spectrum IT Storage

PROMISE has storage systems suitable for small, medium and large-scale enterprise IT. Unified block and file based storage perfect for SMB workgroups, as well as high availability/high density/high capacity datacenters. Whatever size or performance level your business needs, we have your storage solution - including top notch 24/7 Tech Support.

Data Protection

PromiseRAID for safety, reliability and performance is at the heart of all our enterprise storage systems. The systems are easy to setup, monitor and manage to reduce the burden for IT staff. Scalability allows for easy cost-effective capacity expansion.


PROMISE has numerous VM software certified solutions to further ease storage management, enabling storage allocation according to need; to maximize performance, efficiency and capacity. Scaling up capacity is likewise simplified using VM software solutions with PROMISE to grow data capacity with company need.

Business continuity

To ensure smooth and uninterrupted data flow, PROMISE storage solutions include fully redundant components such as redundant power supplies, controllers and hot-swappable HDD. Proprietary features include drive monitoring and self-healing mechanisms, which, like most routine maintenance and system upgrades can be conducted as a background activity without any noticeable interruption to business.

Petabyte-Scale Hybrid Storage

PROMISE NAS and SAN enterprise solutions are ideal for myriad storage applications including Virtualization, Video Surveillance and Video Post Production. Petabyte scale expansion options are available for nearly any capacity requirement. Solutions include all NVMe SSD storage for extreme performance needs or more cost effective NVMe/HDD mix for performance tiering. Learn more.

Cloud Integration

Proprietary HybridBoost technology greatly simplifies Syncing and Backups to cloud, to remote storage or both. It works with major cloud storage providers including Azure, AWS, Google, Amazon and Wasabi. Whether you want to migrate data-intensive workloads to a cloud service or prefer keeping your data on-premise using PROMISE storage, our HybridBoost technology facilitates a hybrid multi-cloud environment. Build, deploy, and manage applications for an optimized future with PROMISE.

AI Ready Storage

Secure, adaptable AI deployment solutions at any scale. AI data is protected with PromiseRAID and robust security measures. The PROMISE solution streamlines AI implementation, enhancing unstructured data value. As AI usage grows, PROMISE Storage optimizes performance, ensures reliability, and reduces costs, to improve AI application effectiveness.


Enterprise-Level, PromiseRAID Protection, Virtualization-Ready Hybrid Storage

VTrak D/E5000 Series

VTrak D5000 Series and VTrak E5000 Series includes High Availability (HA) dual controller or single controller models, in 2U12/2U24/3U16/4U24 form factor, flexible connection options (10GbE or 8/16Gb/s FC), 12Gb/s SAS expansion interfaces (Max HDD supported 512 Drives).

Vess R3000 Series

Vess R3000 Series dual or single controller models feature four 16Gb/s FC ports per controller, in 3U16 form factor, 12Gb/s SAS expansion interfaces (Max HDD supported 208 Drives).

VTrak N1000 Series

VTrak N1000 Series single-controller storage units feature 10Gb/s or 25Gb/s Ethernet ports, enhancing performance with NVMe. Seamlessly integrate with public cloud storage.

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VTrak J5960

  • High-Density Storage, Expansion up to 8 Petabytes
  • Optimized for High-Performance Datacenter
  • JBOD with Green DNA
  • Maintainability

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VTrak D5000 Series

Edit & play back compressed video faster

A faster processor, 10Gb Ethernet ports, and more memory is just the beginning. Enhanced cached mirroring design, auto-regeneration of data to mitigate frame drops and optimized disk access all add up to blazing performance for broadcast and editing environments. The VTrak D5000 Series optimizes performance to enable media professionals to increase productivity by allowing efficient processing of compressed video, delivering best-in-class performance and reliability.

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VTrak E5000 Series

Edit & play back video faster than ever for Xsan, StorNext and Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere

A faster processor, faster FC ports, and more memory is just the beginning. Enhanced cached mirroring design, auto-regeneration of data to mitigate frame drops and optimized disk access all add up to blazing performance for broadcast and editing environments leveraging Xsan or StorNext. Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier users can edit seamlessly while taking advantage of blazing fast low latency storage. The VTrak E5000 Series optimizes performance to enable media professionals to increase productivity by up to 7 times over the previous generation VTrak X30 series, delivering best-in-class performance.

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VTrak J5000 Series

The VTrak J5000 Series are redundant SAS/SATA JBOD expansion units for cloud and enterprise data centers. The VTrak J5000 Series allows users to leverage the advantages of 12 Gb/s SAS technology to help optimize performance for the bandwidth intensive, high-performance requirements of enterprise level storage.

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Vess R2000 Series

The Vess R2000 Series are high availability unified storage solutions with Fibre Channel (8Gbps), NAS and iSCSI (1Gbps & 10Gbps) host connectivity in one box. Offering powerful, cost-effective and flexible storage for SMBs, the Vess R2000 Series allows business to plan storage services with a high level of flexibility.

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Vess J2000 Series

The Vess J2000 series is a robust storage expansion platform that serves as a building block to provide high-availability and flexibility in a cost effective package that is simple to administer and meets the demands of your application.

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