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Petabyte Scale High-Availability Storage and Expansion for Enterprise Storage Solutions

PROMISE's enterprise SAN/NAS solutions are ideally suited for various business storage applications, including virtualization environments, surveillance applications, video production workflows, and more. PROMISE offers a range of peta-byte scale storage options that include expansion and redundancy features, along with high-performance, all-flash storage solutions.

All-Flash + HDD expansion SAN solution.

The VTrak E5320 all-flash storage system features high-availability dual controllers, a hot-swappable modular disk array, and SSD high performance, all backed by the reliability and stability of Promise Enterprise RAID. This solution now provides customers with petabyte-scale capacity through VTrak high-density JBOD expansion. Leveraging high-density 4U60 JBOD expansion units, this enterprise all-flash storage solution strikes a balance between impressive performance and expansive capacity. Designed for robust, quiet, and efficient operation, it offers a petabyte of storage capacity in a compact form factor with scalability potential for cascading beyond current limits.

All-Flash + HDD expansion SAN solution.

Hybrid SSD + HDD expansion NAS/SAN solution.

The VTrak D5800 unified storage system features high-availability dual controllers, a hot-swappable modular disk array, and the flexibility of 16Gb Fiber Channel and 10Gb Ethernet ports. Offering high-density 4U60 JBOD expansion options, this enterprise storage solution is capable of delivering SSD and HDD hybrid storage to address petabyte-scale data storage requirements. As the demand for exceptionally high-capacity storage continues to rise, the VTrak D5800 RAID storage, coupled with J5960 JBOD expansion, is strategically positioned to meet and exceed these evolving needs.

Hybrid SSD + HDD expansion NAS/SAN solution.

U.2 NVMe + HDD NAS solution

The VTrak N1616 Storage incorporates a tiering feature that classifies data based on its frequency of use, assigning the appropriate storage type accordingly. For highly demanded "hot" data, NVMe Drives are employed, while less frequently accessed "cold" data is stored on Hard Disk Drives. This innovative technology is implemented to enhance workflow efficiency. For businesses with Petabyte capacity demands, the Vess J-series is the ideal solution for capacity expansion, providing a robust platform to meet and exceed such substantial storage requirements.

U.2 NVMe + HDD NAS solution


TierBoost™ available on the VTrak N1616, is a data tier management service that automatically classifies data by frequency of access. "Hot" data is migrated to the fastest tier (NVMe SSD), while the "Cold" data is placed in lower priority tier (SATA HDD), a middle tier (SATA SSD) contains "Warm" data with frequency access in between the other tiers.


Feature Introduction

AI Ready

The VTrak D/E/J Series delivers high IOPS, low-latency solutions for AI applications. Promise storage seamlessly blends SSD speed with HDD capacity for efficient hybrid storage. Crucial for accurate and reliable data, VTrak ensures robust protection, addressing integrity concerns in AI and machine learning workloads.

Virtualization Ready

The VTrak D/E/J Series meets any challenge in today’s virtualized IT environment. It boasts certifications from VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Veeam, and DataCore. It enables dynamic storage allocations and delivers 16Gb Fibre Channel and 10Gb Ethernet performance for optimal virtual machines.

Video Production Ready

The VTrak D/E/J Series is optimized for rich media workflows. It offers fast and reliable access, editing, sharing, and distribution of 4K/8K footage. It has a faster processor, FC ports, Ethernet ports and enhanced cached mirroring, auto-regeneration, and optimized disk access. It supports Xsan, StorNext, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve.


PromiseRAID is a robust and reliable enterprise RAID core that enhances data protection and performance. It facilitates a range of RAID configurations, ensuring swift array rebuilding and leveraging advanced PDM technology to predict HDD failures and initiate proactive measures. It is optimized for vertical solutions in Surveillance, Rich-Media and Data Center.

JBOD Expansion

  VTrak E5320 VTrak D5800 VTrak N1616
RAID Storage All-Flash SSD or HDD NVMe & HDD Hybrid
Controller Dual Dual Single
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