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Boost Technologies for Rich Media


This takes advantage of the much lower latency and higher throughput of NVMe SSDs, implemented using two different strategies: NVMe cache and NVMe Pool. An NVMe read or write cache greatly increases read/write performance while using conventional HDD for the RAID array. NVMe Pool creates an array made up entirely of NVMe SSDs for extremely high performance (though at considerably higher cost).


HybridBoost effectively balances the sometimes competing demands of remote access and cyber security with optimal storage utilization. It supports simplified syncing, backup/restore functions and archiving on local, remote or Cloud storage. Link easily to your account with any of the major Cloud service providers for Remote Sync, Backup/Restore, and Archive functions.


Available on VTrak N Series and PegasusPro Series, PROMISE proprietary algorithms that enable extremely rapid data transfer from a shared NAS folder to clients connected via 10G or faster Ethernet AND rapid sharing between the DAS volume (on PegasusPro units) and shared NAS volume. This greatly reduces time expended waiting for large file transfers to be completed, thus improving workflow for collaborative efforts (such as video post production projects) that require frequent sharing of very large data files.


TierBoost is a data tier management service that automatically classifies data by frequency of access. "Hot" data is migrated to the fastest tier (MVMe SSD), while the "Cold" data is placed in lower priority tier (SATA HDD), a middle tier (SATA SSD) contains "Warm" data with frequency access in between the other tiers.


This includes novel mechanical design of the entire chassis to optimize air flow and fans engineered for durability and cooling performance efficiency. The goal is maximum air flow and the most efficient heat transfer possible for the size of enclosure and number of hard disk drives. Testing by independent laboratories has confirmed the overall energy savings that result from this approach.

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