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What are the management principles of PROMISE Technology, Inc.?

1. Innovation, focus, and the determination in the pursuit of perfection. With these values, the management ensures the sustainable operation of the company.
2. Creating a world-class industry that is fully globalized.
3. With professionalism and proactive attitude, employees provide high quality services and products to meet the demand from customers outside the company as well as needs within the company.

What is the storage industry? What is the disc storage industry?

The invention of computers and the advances in information technology produced new methods of storing data and information. The most efficient and safest method of storage is digitizing data and information and storing them on all types of media. Such media includes disks, magnetic tapes, CDs, DVDs, MO, and fiber-optic storage equipment. The industry that researches, develops, and sells all kinds of technology and products in digitization, information management, and storage media is the storage industry. Hard drives used as storage media have the features of fast access, high stability, and high data security. The subordinate industry that uses hard drives as storage media is the Disk Storage System Industry.

What is RAID(Redundancy Array of Independent / Inexpensive Disks)?

RAID is one of the primary core technologies of the entire storage industry. RAID is responsible for the data access control between the hard disc and host. It manages all of the storage spaces in the hard discs, reading and writing, data allocation optimization, and access function enhancement. Most importantly, it protects all of the data in the hard discs, provides online backup mechanism and allows the system to always stay on. The RAID levels are roughly classified as follows:
RAID 0 (Striping)
The data is read/written to more than two hard discs dispersedly and simultaneously to increase the data transmission speed and achieve the load balance. RAID 0 is the only RAID level without backup redundancy function

RAID 1 (Mirroring)
The data is backed up and copied several hard discs (even number of hard discs) simultaneously to back up the data. If one hard disc is damaged, the identical data backup disc takes over all the jobs immediately.

RAID 0+1 (Striping and Mirroring)
It provides RAID 0 data speed-up and RAID 1 data protection functions.

RAID 3 (Block and Parity)
It gathers the parity check codes in each information and stores them into one disk drive and stores the data into each hard disc in a scattered way

RAID 5 (Block and Parity Striping)
It gathers the parity check codes in each information and stores them into different disk drives dispersedly and stores the data into each hard disc in a scattered way

What are the major products of Promise Technology Ltd. and what are the industry characteristics of these products?

The major products of PROMISE Technology, Inc. are disc storage products (including the disk array) and all kinds of solutions. The primary products are ASIC storage, boards, systems, and solutions.

How can a person look up the information on the distribution of cash and stock dividends of PROMISE Technology, Inc. in the current year?

Please look up the information at the Market Observation Post System for public information
The procedures of the inquiry are as follows:
1. Go to the website of the Market Observation Post System.
2. Enter the stock symbol "3057"
3. Select "Announcement inquiry"
4. Select "Announcement of the basis date for the distribution of dividend and bonus or other interests.

Where can a person find the stock price of PROMISE Technology, Inc.?

Please look up the information on the website of the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

Has Promise Technology Ltd. stock gone public for now? If so, what is the stock code?

Currently, the stocks of PROMISE Technology, Inc. are traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange with stock symbol 3057.

What kind of company is PROMISE Technology, Inc.?

A: PROMISE Technology, Inc. is a leading firm that provides global solutions for SAS/SATA RAID data storage and protection. It is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for data storage. Its product lines include ICs, boards, and sub-systems.

With steady and dependable operation models, Promise Technology Ltd. actively expands and arranges global sales channels. It builds proprietary brands and continuously invests in the ODM/OEM market. Promise Technology Ltd. has focused on in its core competence for 20 years. It has delivered great performances, such as its 86% global market share in the field of IDE/ATA hard disc redundant array technology. On top of such splendid results, it has become the leading global vendor of SAS/SATA storage. Promise Technology Inc. completed the IPO of its stocks on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in Feb. 2002. Its stock symbol is ""3057.""

How can a person contact the stock transfer agent of PROMISE Technology, Inc.?

A: The transfer agent for PROMISE Technology, Inc. is the Agency Department of CTBC Bank Co., Ltd. The contact information listed below:
Address: 5F., No.83, Sec. 1, Chongqing S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City
TEL: 02-2181-1911
FAX: 02-2311-6723

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