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PROMISE Technology Joins the Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA®)

Global Storage Solution Leader Collaborates with OSSA to Promote the Creation of a Common Standardized Platform for Security and Safety Solutions

Santa Clara, California – February 2, 2021 – PROMISE Technology (or ‘PROMISE’), a leading storage solution provider, is pleased to announce its position at the Adopter level within the Open Security & Safety Alliance. The Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA® or 'the Alliance') is a non-profit, non-stock corporation that brings together like-minded organizations to create a framework providing standards and specifications for a common standardized platform for security and safety solutions. PROMISE Technology is excited to join OSSA to help advance Alliance goals to develop and promote global standardized solutions for innovation in security and safety.

“PROMISE brings to the table decades of experience innovating high-performance enterprise surveillance storage solutions,” said Alice Chang, Chief Sales Officer, PROMISE Technology. “We look forward to working with OSSA and its Alliance members to expand capabilities of surveillance technologies, redefine technological possibilities and develop business opportunities especially for Cloud solutions and AI applications for surveillance in 2021.”  

The surveillance market has rapidly evolved along with the advancement of applicable technology, and PROMISE is committed to being at the cutting edge of this evolution with innovative surveillance storage offerings that stand out in a crowded market, and involvement in important industry associations to bring about good change together for the broader marketplace.

“As OSSA works to further facilitate an open, common framework for the surveillance and safety markets, it’s important to have stakeholders from all areas within the industry – at the table, with a voice,” said Johan Jubbega, President, Open Security & Safety Alliance. “PROMISE Technology has a reputation for opening new markets and redefining possibilities in the data storage space. With organizational goals very much in sync, we’re looking forward to the synergy and insight they’ll contribute to Alliance efforts as we continue productive collaboration among members and association alignment in 2021.”

About PROMISE Technology

PROMISE Technology is a recognized global leader with more than 30 years of experience in the storage industry. PROMISE creates innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of the Surveillance, Rich Media, Cloud and IT markets. PROMISE's highly experienced sales and engineering teams are strategically located throughout the Americas, EMEA, JAPAC, and China regions to provide unparalleled services and support to its customers around the globe. For more information, please visit, and follow PROMISE Technology on LinkedInFacebook or Twitter.

About the Open Security & Safety Alliance

OSSA was formed in reaction to today's market characterized by the continued evolution of the Internet of Things and the aggregation of data. Security and safety solutions are fragmented due to the lack of a collaborative approach to common challenges including cyber security and common operating systems. This is holding back innovation and seamless integration. In order to add real value for customers, the market needs a new direction and a framework that will enable relevant market players to focus on innovation and development of new applications that deliver value add for users and customers.

Benefits of joining OSSA include access to the Alliance framework and the possibility to connect, discuss, influence and collaborate with other Alliance members to help shape a new direction for the industry. Participants share best practices and contribute to a common framework “for the industry by the industry.” Together, OSSA members are providing standards and specifications for common components including an operating system, IoT infrastructure, collective approach for data security and privacy, and a drive for improved levels of performance across products, solutions and services.

To become part of this global movement and to learn more about membership benefits, details and Alliance activities visit


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