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SMARTBOOST™ Technology


To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
― Buckminster Fuller

Engineered for Surveillance

AI is getting a lot of public attention, but in the surveillance market, AI has been quietly advancing at an extraordinary pace for several years. PROMISE Technology has been contributing to this trend with its own proprietary SMARTBOOST™ Technologies embedded in the Vess A Series systems. Vess A Series is engineering especially for streaming data and surveillance storage to better enable the full potential of AI surveillance applications.
Modern surveillance network technology generally and AI enhanced intelligent video analytics (IVA) in particular have advanced to a level of complexity where even small networks can generate large data flows that require highly specialized storage to perform well. The unique nature of recording streamed video data place system demands on storage that exceeds the capabilities of general use network storage hardware.

Optimized AI Surveillance Ecosystem

A system administrator looking for an optimal cost-benefit ratio for a new surveillance build or upgrade cannot overlook the crucial role the storage server plays in meeting performance and reliability. Increasingly sophisticated IVA, higher resolution cameras in greater numbers for has put pressure on developers for better video processing mechanisms capable of flawless recording of live streamed data from numerous cameras, plus the ability to playback on demand while also providing IVA services for both live and recorded video data. The Vess A Series - featuring PROMISE proprietary SMARTBOOST™ Technologies - was created to help meet reliability and performance criteria of surveillance technology.

SMARTBOOST™ technologies customized for surveillance focus on these primary goals:

  • Performance:SMARTBOOST™ for Surveillance enables data-intensive, high-performance security platforms utilizing AI video analytics, including object detection and facial recognition on networks operating large numbers of cameras including high resolution cameras.
    SMARTBOOST™ performance enhancements include:
    • SmartStripe to stabilize recording performance
    • SmartPlayback to enhance playback performance
    • SmartMeta to streamline handling of metadata
    • SmartEVA to reduce learning time for AI applications
  • Service Continuity: SmartContinuity guarantees zero frame drop and non-stop recording.
  • Data Protection
    • PromiseRAID® proprietary algorithm driven hardware RAID protects data in the event of hard disk failure and drives faster RAID rebuild when HDD are replaced.
    • Predictive Data Migration (PDM) Self-healing technology that proactively detects potential drive failure and initiates data migration to an available spare healthy drive.


SmartStripe SmartEVA SmartContinuity
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