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Veeam Ready

Promise and Veeam, the ultimate backup solution for VM

Promise Technology is proud to announce it has partnered with Veeam® Backup & Replication™ software for outstanding backup and disaster recovery solution on Promise storage systems. Veeam with Promise storage systems is a superb backup solution for your virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads, from a single management console. This cost-effective combination can scale to meet to the performance requirements of enterprise environments and increase data efficiency. Use Promise and Veeam for replication of VMs to one or more Promise storage systems, including backup to a remote site, for the most reliable and efficient disaster recovery solution.

Stabilize virtualized environments Veeam and Promise

Use Veeam to backup VM workloads to Promise storage solutions. Virtualized environments are an essential part of modern IT infrastructures. Use Promise Technology storage systems as an outstanding backup solution to ensure virtual machines have reliable and secure backup facilities.

Secure backups for virtualized environments

Virtualization is no longer exclusively a large enterprise business application. Companies of all sizes are able to benefit from the wide variety of applications for virtualized environments. Robust, reliable backup facilities are even more essential for virtualized environments in order to avoid possible disruptions of essential applications. This is where Promise storage solutions can help.


Model Family Model Veeam Product Release Veeam Ready Category Last Modfied More Information
VTrak E5000 Series E5300f, E5320f 9.5 U2 Veeam Ready Repository 2017-09-21 Learn More
VTrak D5000 D5300 9.5 U4b Veeam Ready Repository 2020-01-14 Learn More
Vess R3000 R3600xiS/R3600xiD 9.5 U4b Veeam Ready Repository 2020-01-14 Learn More
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