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PROMISE Technology Storage and Archiware P5


PROMISE and Archiware

PROMISE Technology stands ready to meet new storage challenges for the IT, Surveillance and Rich Media markets. Archiware P5 includes the whole range of data management services, including cloning storage for time critical data, performing backup to disk and tape and providing long-term archive. Archiware P5 is fully compatible with the PROMISE Vess R Series, the VTrak D5000 and E5000 Series, and the Thunderbolt-enabled Pegasus Series. These solutions are ideal for collaborative high-resolution 4K and 8K workows that use very high bandwidth applications and various high performance digital asset solutions.

Mac Pro - Precious Data Deserves Professional Protection

PROMISE and Archiware provide storage and data management for the new Mac Pro with solutions for professional data synchronization, backup and archiving. The tremendous power of the Mac Pro is used more eciently when data is always available at the best suitable performance level. PROMISE Technology oers a variety of internal and external data storage solutions for the Mac Pro. The world class data synchronization, backup and archiving software suite P5 from Archiware lets creative professionals guarantee availability of their data so they can concentrate on their project. The scope of this solution brief document is to describe some of the most common use case scenarios and how easy it is to achieve maximum security for media production.


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