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PROMISE and Archiware Solution Brief


  • PROMISE Technology is at the forefront of storage for the rich media, cloud, and surveillance industries.
  • Archiware data management software allow for storage cloning, backup, and archiving.
  • Address 4K high bandwidth requirements with PROMISE storage and Archiware data management applications.


The continuous migration to high resolution 2K and 4K video has led to a significant growth in storage requirement. The Industry has seen a 50 fold increase over the last 10 years and this is expected to continue. Rich media assets are one of the leading contributors to the increase in required storage which has therefore led to the growth of the digital asset manage- ment (DAM) and archive markets.

PROMISE and Archiware

PROMISE Technology covers a wide range of storage requirements for cloud/IT, surveillance and rich media markets. Archiware P5 covers the whole range of data management, including cloning storage for time critical data, performing backup to disk and tape and providing long-term archive and is fully compatible with PROMISE’s Vess Series, the Thunderbolt-enabled Pegasus Series, the VTrak 5000 Series with Apple Xsan file system. These solutions are ideal for collaboration in high-resolution 4K and 3D workflows which require high bandwidth appli- cations and digital asset solutions to ensure the valuable digital assets of companies are leveraged to their fullest extent.


When deciding what kind of data management a specific data set needs, customers can consider the following:

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