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Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions

The Extended Warranty may be purchased at any time within the standard warranty period but coverage under the extended warranty will terminate 60 months from the original invoice date for the initial hardware purchase. After 60 months from the original invoice date, all product warranties are considered null and void.

The Extended Warranty contract cannot be cancelled

  • after any warranty services have been provided beyond the standard warranty period or
  • after 30 days from expiration of the standard warranty period

Upon valid cancellation of the Extended Warranty, Customer will receive a full refund of the Extended Warranty price minus an administrative cancellation fee.

Cancellation may be effected only by sending written notice to Promise USA at the following address:

Promise Extended Warranty Cancellation
Promise Technology, Inc.
​​​​​​​3241 Keller St., Santa Clara
CA 95054, USA

Notice of cancellation must be accompanied by a copy of the proof of purchase of the Extended Warranty.

Customer may transfer this Extended Warranty Contract only upon sale of the unit to another user, by sending written notice of the transfer to Promise USA at the following address:

Promise Extended Warranty Program
Promise Technology, Inc.
3241 Keller St., Santa Clara
CA 95054, USA

Or by e-mail to:


Written notice of transfer must include the Extended Warranty contract number, proof of purchase of the Extended Warranty program, the name, address, telephone number and email address of the transferee, and the serial number of the covered unit.

The Extended Warranty contract is applicable only to the registered unit serial number or a replacement unit authorized by Promise and is not transferable to any other unit.
This limited Extended Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Any and all disputes arising under or related to this limited Extended Warranty shall be adjudicated in the following forums and governed by the following laws: The forum shall be: Santa Clara County, California, USA and the applicable law shall be that of the State of California, USA excluding its conflict of laws rules.


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