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Extended Warranty for VTrak Subsystems

Extended Warranty for VTrak Subsystems

The PROMISE Extended Warranty program offers you the same high quality of service and support as the Standard Limited Warranty but for an Extended Contract period. The PROMISE Technical Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help troubleshoot any issues that you may encounter, and advanced replacement parts are available for an additional 2 years. For detailed warranted coverage, please refer to Standard Limited Warranty in the VTrak Product Manual. .

Three easy steps for peace of mind

Step 1
Purchasing the PROMISE Extended Warranty is easy, it can be purchased at any time during the 3-year warranty period of the VTrak subsystem and is available wherever VTrak Subsystems are sold. We recommend purchasing the extension at the time of initial purchase to avoid any interruption of the warranty coverage.

Step 2
Once receiving the extended warranty kit you will also find a pair of stickers. You can use them to write down your product serial number of the VTrak unit. Place one sticker on the VTrak unit and keep the other one with the contract for easy reference when you register or call for service.

Step 3
You must register this contract and the VTrak unit to which it applies to activate coverage. Contract registration and product registration are two separate actions. But you can do them online at the same time to avoid a delay when you call for service. Create an account with us at to activate the extended coverage.

If you have any questions about the program or need any assistance at any time, please feel free to call us at +1 (408) 645-3469 or visit us on the web at

Terms and Conditions
See Extended Warranty terms and conditions here

Which models are supported?
The complete list of supported models is available here

Which components are covered?
The PROMISE Extended Warranty covers the VTrak chassis and field replaceable units under the PROMISE 3-Year Standard Limited Warranty.
The extended warranty does NOT extend the standard limited warranty for the Battery Backup Units (BBU) that ship inside the VTrak E-class RAID Subsystem. BBU’s should be monitored and replaced when hold times no longer meet desired thresholds indicated by the subsystem (72-hours is the industry standard).
The extended warranty does NOT cover 3rd party components added to the system such as SFP modules, cables and hard drives***.

How do I call for support?
In the event of technical difficulties, contact the PROMISE Technical Support phone number provided on your contract or take advantage of PROMISE’s online support.
A PROMISE Support Technician will:

  • Validate your VTrak Extended Warranty contract
  • Identify the hardware failure
  • Issue an RMA


When does VTrak Extended Warranty coverage begin?
The PROMISE Extended Warranty coverage begins at the end of the PROMISE Standard Limited Warranty approximately 36 months from the date of purchase.

What happens when my extended warranty expires?
When the PROMISE Extended Warranty coverage expires the product is no longer entitled to warranty support and free parts replacement services. Mission critical hardware should be replaced at this time.

Can I buy out-of-warranty coverage?
No. PROMISE does not offer out-of-warranty contracts at this time. The PROMISE Extended Warranty must be purchased while the product is still under the 3-year standard warranty.

Can I buy VTrak Extended Warranty plans for VTraks already in use?
Yes. You can purchase and register contracts for a VTrak subsystem (bought through an authorized reseller) at any time during the products 3-year standard warranty period.

Are there discounts for site licenses?
Site licenses are not currently offered.

Where do I purchase the VTrak Extended Warranty plan?
You can purchase the VTrak Extended Warranty through authorized resellers. Contact your sales representative for current pricing and availability.

* Local holidays are excluded.
** FRUs include components such as power supplies, cooling units, and RAID controllers. The system chassis and passive backplane are not FRUs.
*** Made for Mac versions of the VTrak subsystem ship with drive modules that are covered by the PROMISE 2-year extended warranty part numbers EW2VTEA and EW2VTJA.
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