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Accelerate Your Business

VTrak D5000 enables data driven business with an integrated combination of high-performance hardware, adaptive storage software, and flexible protocols at an affordable price. The platform is optimized for high bandwidth and low latency which makes it a perfect storage solution for mid-tier IT applications, surveillance, backup, and running multiple mixed workloads. VTrak RAID subsystems as well as expanded capacity on attached VTrak RAID devices feature the robust PromiseRAID for data protection, performance and reliability.


Unlock Power of Flash Cache

Flash Cache accelerated VTrak D5000 storage systems deliver impressive performance, boosting throughput and lowering latency. User has option to add Flash Cache for read and write acceleration. PROMISE intelligent data caching automatically promotes hot data to cache in real time, so you get the full benefit of flash performance.


Not just for IT, Optimized for Video Application Environments

The Promise VTrak D5000 is optimized for 10Gb and 25Gb Ethernet via SMB/NFS protocols for large file data ingesting, streaming, or processing between the VTrak D5000 NAS storage appliance and its clients. Data can also be directly transferred between the VTrak D5000 appliance and clients over the SAN via iSCSI/Fibre Channel network. This means higher bandwidth performance and lower latency data transfers, perfect for Media & Entertainment, HPC applications, and other video-centric environments. In addition the VTrak D5000 supports Open Directory and Active Directory making it fully integrateable into your existing networking environment.



Edit & play back compressed video faster

A faster processor, 10Gb and 25Gb Ethernet ports, and more memory is just the beginning. Enhanced cached mirroring design, auto-regeneration of data to mitigate frame drops and optimized disk access all add up to blazing performance for broadcast and editing environments. The VTrak D5000 Series optimizes performance to enable media professionals to increase productivity by allowing efficient processing of compressed video, delivering best-in-class performance and reliability.



Scalable, Reliable and Cost-efficient

With VTrak D5000 you can “pay as you grow” from 64 Tera Bytes to Peta Bytes for long-term storage investment protection. Perfect not only for compressed video workflow environments but ideal for low cost backup/archive applications. Additionally, VTrak D5000 series comes with high-availability dual controllers, hot-swappable modular disk array, and a 3 year 24x7 technical support, with next business day on-site parts replacement warranty. Expansion units can start from 2U24 small form factor to large form factor 2U12, 3U16, 4U24 and up to the high density 4U60 JBOD expansion options. The VTrak D5000 is the most affordable Enterprise storage solution starting as low as $60 per terabytes plus additional savings from less cooling, less rack space and energy costs.


Virtualization Ready

Ready to confront any challenge in today’s virtualized IT environment, the VTrak D5000 Series is certified with VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, Veeam, and DataCore SANsymphony.

Virtualization enables dynamic storage allocations such that physical layers of storage can be utilized most effectively. As virtual machines continue to increase with more virtualized deployments, 16Gb Fibre Channel performance delivers the faster bandwidth needed for growing infrastructures.



Simplified Planning

With just a few clicks of the Promise Surveillance Planner, export the report of the suggested products for your project, simplify efforts of planning your surveillance project. Start planning now at:

Visit our VMS and Planner In-Support-Of List to view the extensive list of supported configurations for various VMS and Planner versions


  • Features

    Performance & Scalability

    • Scalable up to 15 JBODs or 512 drives
    • NAS
      • 4K IOPs: 42,334
      • Sequential Performance: 3867MB/s reads 3525MB/s writes
    • iSCSI 
      • 4K IOPs: 93,018
      • Sequential Performance: 4214MB/s reads 3376MB/s writes
    • Fibre Channel
      • 4K IOPs: 141,285
      • Sequential Performance: 6,507MB/s reads 4360MB/s writes

    High Availability & Resiliency

    • Everything redundant for no downtime
    • Active-Active Dual Controller with ALUA support for access flexibility
    • Background data Integrity scrub with parity rebuild
    • Predictive Data Migration (PDM) to minimizes maintenance 
  • Specifications


    Form Factor
    Drives Capacity
    12 (LFF)
    Host Connect Interface
    • iSCSI and NAS Storage Sub-System
      D5300yxD: Dual HA Controller w/4-port 10GSFP+ and 4-port 25GSFP28
      D5300yxS: Single Controller w/2-port 10GSFP+ and 2-port 25GSFP28
    • FC,iSCSI and NAS Unified Storage Sub-System
      D5300fxD: Dual HA Controller w/4-port 10GSFP+ and 8-port 16Gb FC
      D5300fxS: Single Controller w/2-port 10GSFP+ and 4-port 16Gb FC
    • iSCSI and NAS Storage Sub-System
      D5300xD: Dual HA Controller w/4-port 10GSFP+
      D5300xS: Single Controller w/2-port 10GSFP+
    Storage Expansion Ports
    2 x 2 12Gb SAS Mini-SAS (SFF-8644) per controller
    Management Ports
    2 x RJ-45 1Gb Ethernet and 1 x RJ-11 Serial Port per controller
    Online Capacity/Volume Expansion up-to 15 JBOD's
    Max Pools/Volumes
    256 volumes per pool, Max 32 pools per System; Max 512 Snapshots / 128 Clones per volume
    Data Services
    Advanced Pool:1
    • Thin Provision
    • Snapshot
    • Thin Clone
    • Thick Clone
    • Compression
    • SSD Cache
    Advanced Storage Features
    • Asymmetric LUN Unit Access (ALUA)
    • LDAP for central user management
    • Linux Permission, POSIX ACL,NT ACL
    • Advanced Cache Mirroring over PCIe Gen3
    • Microsoft AD, LDAP and OD
    Supported Network Protocols
    SMB/CIFS (Windows, MAC), NFS (Linux/Unix), FTP, WebDAV
    Max. Share Disk
    1024 per pool
    Max. Share Disk Size
    Concurrent Sessions / Memory
    256 for each protocol /32GB, 128 for each protocol /16GB
    Max. Account
    Supported Domain
    Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, Apple Open Directory
    Max. Domain Account
    Data Management
    Permission Management, Quota Management, Online Expansion
    RAID Levels
    0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 RAID Stripe Support 64K, 128K, 256K, 512K and 1MB
    Hot spares
    Global or Dedicated
    Background Scrub
    • Media Patrol & Redundancy Check
    • Background Synchronization
    • Partial Rebuild
    • Task Scheduler for Background Activities
    Proactive/Predictive Features
    • Predictive Data Migration (PDM)
    • Intelligent Bad Sector Remapping
    • NVRAM Error Logging
    • Drive Power Management (MAID)
    • SMART Error Handling and Write Hole Table
    Supported OS
    Windows Server 2008R2 SP1, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019, 2022, macOS Sierra 10.12.6, Ventura 13.1, RHEL 6.6, 6.7, 6.8, 7.0, 7.2, 7.4, SLES 11 SP4, 12 SP1, VMWare ESXi 6.0, 6.5, 6.7, 7.0, 8.0, Citrix Hypervisor 7.0 LTSR, 7.1 LTSR, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 LTSR
    VMware ESXi 6.5 & Citrix Server 7.3
    Management Interfaces
    Web Based management using WEB, CLI, SSH, SNMP
    Power Adapter
    Voltage: 100--240Vac Auto--Ranging
    Max Current: 9A @ 100Vac; 4.5A @ 240Vac
    Power Efficiency
    >80% @ 110V (>20% load), >80% @ 240V (>20% load) Temperature Range, 80Plus Certified PSU
    Operational: 5° to 35°C, Non-Operational: -40° to 60°C
    Operational: 20% to 80%, Non--Operational: ~ 95% (Non-Condensing)
    Noise Levels & Shock
    < 60dB, 25C, Operational: 5G, 11 ms Duration, Non-Operational: 30G, 11ms duration
    Operational: 0.2G, 5 to 500Hz (sine wave) ; 0.41G, 3-10-200-500Hz (Random) , Non-Operational: 1G, 5 to 500Hz (sine wave) ; 2.256G, 5-80-350-500Hz (Random)
    Environmental: RoHS2, GreenPC, WEEE
    88mm x 447mm x 507mm (3.5” x 17.6” x 16.5”)
    18.4Kg w/o drives
    26.8Kg w/ drives
    3-year full system limited warranty including PROMISE PSP, optional extended warranty
    24/7 e-mail and phone support, 24/7 access to PROMISE site-drivers and firmware upgrade
    1. Additional data service license needs to be included. Thick Clone is supported in SR1.1 or newer.
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    Drivers / Utilities / Firmware


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