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Surveillance Project Design Tool
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  • Vess A-Series – Network Video Recorders

    Vess NVR storage servers are custom built to offer the highest levels of performance for IP video surveillance. Promise is active in all of the key video surveillance segments and is able to provide a solution for deployments of any size.

    • SmartBoost Technologies for optimized video surveillance performance
    • Tested, validated and documented with leading VMS
    • Perfect for small to large installations

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  • Vess A6120 – 1U4 Server Line

    The Vess A6120 series are designed as building blocks for the deployment of a video surveillance system. Reliable and easy to set up, Vess A6120 is the ideal server appliance for establishing a complete surveillance system.

    • Vess Black (A6120-MS) - designed for managing the whole surveillance system
    • Vess Orange (A6120-AS) - designed for running intelligent video analytics
    • Vess Blue (A6120-RS) - designed for general recording purposes  


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  • Auryn – Surveillance Storage Block

    Auryn, Promise’s high-capacity surveillance storage block offers an open-platform, simplicity, optimization and the industry’s most comprehensive partner ecosystem.

    • Large centralized storage solution for surveillance data
    • Open platform – suitable for a wide range of VMS and IP cameras
    • Purpose-built for video surveillance



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  • Vess R & J External Storage

    Vess R2000 is an external storage solution optimized for IP video surveillance that delivers reliable and stable performance for video recording, is certified with the leading video management software (VMS) and can easily expand to meet long retention periods.

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  • Promise Certified Training

    Promise hosts certified IP video surveillance training courses which allow you to develop the skills and expertise needed to design, install, configure and maintain the optimal security solution with Promise’s NVR appliances and external storage solutions.


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  • Surveillance Project Design Tool

    Determining the requirements for a surveillance project can be time-consuming and requires complex configurations.  Greatly simplify your planning for complicated surveillance projects with just a few clicks of our online project design tool.


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  • Surveillance Ecosystem

    As the open storage platform for video surveillance, Promise works very closely with partners from throughout the surveillance ecosystem to offer you more integration possibilities so you can design a solution that meets your needs.  


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  • SmartBoost Technologies

    All Promise solutions are customized for the write intensive environments of video surveillance and includes a collection of unique features called SmartBoost Technologies which are designed to overcome performance bottlenecks and allow the solutions to handle a much higher number of IP cameras than competing solutions.

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Vess A6120 series

The Vess A6120 series is a complete line of 1U 4-bay rackmount solutions for video surveillance that is available as an analytics server, management server or recording server.

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Vess A-Series

The Vess A2000 Series are high performance storage appliances for IP video surveillance designed for installations of up to over one hundred full-HD IP cameras. As a solution optimized for surveillance video recording, the Vess A2000 Series dramatically reduces the costs and complexity of video surveillance deployments.

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Vess R2000 Series

The Vess R2000 Series are high availability unified storage solutions with Fibre Channel (8Gbps), NAS and iSCSI (1Gbps & 10Gbps) host connectivity in one box. Offering powerful, cost-effective and flexible storage for SMBs, the Vess R2000 Series allows business to plan storage services with a high level of flexibility.

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Vess R2000 PRO Series

Vess R2600 PRO is a fast, reliable and cost effective storage solution for multi-user rich media compressed workflows. Delivering multi-user scale up capability and fast NAS connectivity via dual active 10Gbit Ethernet controllers, Vess R2600 PRO is ideal for compressed workflows using popular non-linear editors such as Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro X.

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Vess J2000 Series

The Vess J2000 series is a robust storage expansion platform that serves as a building block to provide high-availability and flexibility in a cost effective package that is simple to administer and meets the demands of your application.

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