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It takes a unique vision to become a market leader. As a world leading storage solution provider, the PROMISE vision began with the recognition that by combining hardware, software, firmware and vertical applications’ design capability in house, PROMISE could more rapidly deliver versatile data storage solutions. This market transformation coupled with our technological innovations has continued throughout our 30-year legacy in the global storage market.



VSky Helps Enterprises Overcome Challenge of Managing Petabytes of Data

At Cloud Expo Europe, PROMISE launched VSky A-Series - new scale-out storage solutions that enable businesses to scale, access and archive at petabyte volumes. Plus, PROMISE launched the high-density VSky H/J server/storage platform.


FileCruiser Starts PROMISE's Move to the Cloud

PROMISE launched FileCruiser, its Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing solution. Also, VTrak A-Class won the WFX new product award. At NAB, PROMISE debuted the VTrak G-Class NAS Gateway and the Pegasus2 R8 won the Computex Best Choice Golden Award.



Launched VTrak A-Class Shared Storage Appliance

At NAB, PROMISE introduced the VTrak A-Class shared storage appliance. PROMISE introduced the world’s first Thunderbolt 2 storage solutions with Apple and Intel – Pegasus2 and SANLink2. The Vess A2000 appliance for IP video surveillance was introduced and the Vess R2600fiD won the prestigious Computex 2013 Best Choice Golden Award.


Introduced High-density Storage Expansion Chassis

PROMISE introduced the high-density VTrak J930s, the Vess R2000 Series for video surveillance and IT, plus two new portable Thunderbolt solutions, Pegasus J2 and J4. Pegasus was recognized with the 20th annual Taiwan Excellence Award.


Launched World’s First Solutions with Thunderbolt Technology

PROMISE introduced the world’s first Thunderbolt solutions, Pegasus and SANLink and introduced VTrak x30 for OS X. PROMISE was named ‘Best Storage Partner’ at MacWorld Asia, won the Computex Best Choice Award for its Vess RAID 1000, and was named to Everything Channel’s CRN Data Center top 100.


Introduced Next Generation ROMB (RAID on Motherboard) Solution

PROMISE pioneered the next generation ROMB (RAID on Motherboard) solution.


Announced the VessRAID Storage Solution for SMBs

PROMISE launched VessRAID for SMBs and partnered with SONY for IP surveillance storage. PROMISE announced the NS4600 4 bay NAS with DLNA 1.5 certification, DS4600 4 bay DAS with FireWire 800 ports, the SuperTrak EX 6G SAS RAID controller and the first 6G SAS SBB 2.0 solution.



Shipped VTrak for Professional Video Editors

PROMISE started to ship the VTrak E-Class to the Mac professional video editing market.


Introduced the VTrak E-Class

PROMISE introduced the VTrak E-Class enterprise external storage solution which soon became a favorite of the media and entertainment market. Additionally, PROMISE introduced the first DLNA certified NAS solution – SmartStor (NS4300).


Introduced the First VTrak SAS JBOD

PROMISE continued its development in the storage industry by launching the first VTrak SAS JBOD.


Won Technology Innovation Award for Storage

PROMISE won the Intel Developer Forum Technology Innovation Award for Storage and launched the VTrak M-Class single controller subsystem with iSCSI and Fibre Channel connectivity.


Introduced UltraTrak

UltraTrak is born which is the beginning of PROMISE subsystem block storage as we know it, leading to the VTrak product lines.



Led in ATA RAID for IA Servers

PROMISE led in ATA RAID for IA Servers for the 3rd consecutive year with an 83% market share and the company established the PROMISE Technology Germany branch office.


PROMISE Taiwan Listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange

PROMISE Taiwan was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (PROMISE Technology, Inc 3057.TW) and the company shipped the first six-drive ATA RAID 5 controller.


PROMISE's Won the Rising Star Award

PROMISE Technology won the 4th Rising Star Award presented by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Plus, the company officially established the PROMISE Technology Holland branch office and entered the Chinese market by establishing the PROMISE Technology Shanghai branch office.


Leading Supplier of RAID Cards

PROMISE became the leading supplier of RAID cards in Japan which also opened the video surveillance market.


PROMISE China established

PROMISE China established



Created First RAID on Motherboard Chip

PROMISE created the first RAID on motherboard chip and also established the first PROMISE Technology office in Holland.


Developed the Industry’s First Ever ATA RAID Controller

PROMISE's FastTrak Series RAID HBA, later followed by the SuperTrak Series, catapulted PROMISE’s RAID Controller to the top of the industry as it was installed in nine out of ten motherboards produced by Taiwanese manufacturers.


PROMISE Released the Octet Station and Duet Station

PROMISE's disk duplicator helps the company take a big step forward and move up in the industry.


VESA IDE Chipset Captured 90% of the World’s OEM Market

The VESA IDE chipset continues to skyrocket, capturing 90% of the world’s OEM market.



VESA IDE Chipset Captured 75% of the World’s OEM Market

The VESA IDE chipset was compatible with industry leaders, a blockbuster move for PROMISE.


PROMISE Technology Taiwan is Established

PROMISE Technology Taiwan officially began operations in the Hsinchu Science Park in February of 1991.


PROMISE Technology is Born

PROMISE Technology Inc. was founded in San Jose, California, United States.

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