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PROMISE Technology Debuts Brand New VTrak N-Series at Upcoming NAB Show 2022

Attendees will also be delighted to learn the Pegasus32 support for the newly announced Mac Studio

LAS VEGAS, Apr. 19, 2022 -- PROMISE Technology, a global leader in rich media storage solutions, will unveil its latest rich media storage solution, the VTrak N-Series, at the NAB Show 2022 from 24 to 27 April at the Las Vegas Convention Center (booth N1718).

After successful showings at previous NAB Shows, PROMISE returns to the 2022 exhibition with full-line rich media storage solutions, including the live demonstration of PROMISE Pegasus Series’ ability to fully support Mac Studio and Studio Display.

The proliferation of rich media products and services fueled by the massive migration of digital services online over the past two years has increased demands on faster, more efficient and higher production values from creatives, broadcasters, marketers and the content community as a whole.

“The VTrak N-Series is PROMISE’s first NAS storage solution optimized for post-production workflow and team sharing. We are excited to debut the VTrak N1008 tower and N1616 3U offerings, and demo the Pegasus32 which fully supports the brand-new Mac Studio desktop. These solutions are aligned with NAB’s “Where Content Comes to Life” theme, while building on years of PROMISE’s experience and expertise with rich media storage systems throughout the digital media revolution,” said Alice Chang, Chief Marketing Officer of PROMISE Technology.

Ultimate Rich Media Collaboration

The VTrak N-Series is a NAS storage with performance optimization and file sharing for rich media and production teams, perfect for collaborative workflow features on Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Autodesk Flame, and other professional editing software. It offers teams the options for either 10G or 25G ports, with 10G Ethernet connecting shared asset storage to team workstations.

In addition, the N-Series installs high-performance NVMe for Caching or tiering, using either FileBoost or TierBoost technology, to maximize storage performance. These high-performance specifications are packaged together with intuitive and simple user interfaces for data administration and rich media team access, but remain a cost-efficient NAS storage solution. The VTrak N-Series is powered by the robust PROMISE RAID engine, which is known for stability and high performance while enabling easy backup to both NAS and cloud storage.

The VTrak N1008 Tower can take on 10Gbs ethernet of up to four ports without frame drop. With NVMe cache, the N1008 boasts a read/write throughput of up to 4.2GB/2GB and teams can choose between several configurations: four 10G Base-T ports, four 10G SFP+ ports, or two 25G SFP28 ports.

N1008 also features PROMISE’s FileBoost technology, which enables very high-speed file transfer and sharing among team members, improving post-production workflow efficiency on 4K and 8K productions.

Supercharged Performance with TierBoost

Meanwhile, the TierBoost-powered VTrak N1616 3U boasts a read/write throughput of up to 6GB/3GB with the options of eight 10G Base-T ports, eight 10G SFP+ ports, or four x 25G SFP28 ports.

TierBoost is a data tier management service that automatically classifies data by frequency of access available on the VTrak N1616. “Hot” data is migrated to the fastest tier (NVMe SSD), “warm” data to the middle tier (SATA SSD), and “cold” data in the lower priority tier (SATA HDD). 

VTrak N1616 users can automatically or manually classify digital assets for efficient use over their network, with the most frequently used files in the most rapid tier. The VTrak N1616 leverages intelligent tiering to deliver high performance on SSD and large capacity on HDD - TierBoost’s three-tier design is engineered to meet rich media teams’ maximum performance and capacity demands.

Mac Studio Support and NAB Demos

During the NAB Show 2022, PROMISE will be located at booth N1718 under the Connect theme. Attendees will be able to view demos of the ThunderboltTM port performance from Pegasus32 and PegasusPro’s connection with Mac Studio. The Mac Studio setup will showcase the first macOS Driverkit based DEXT driver running in the user space, replacing KEXT kernel extensions, which improves system stability and security.

PROMISE currently supports all Mac platforms including Mac Studio, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro with either x86 or M1, M1 Pro/MAX/ULTRA, and macOS 12 operating systems.

The PROMISE booth will also feature interactive demos of its popular high-performance solutions such as its sustainable JBOD, the VTrak J5960 as well as both PegasusPro and Pegasus R4i/J2i storage devices.

Optimized for massive shared storage and data backup, the J5960 is a “green” high-density and high-capacity 20TB HDD with the capacity to support over 1PB per chassis. PROMISE will be running a joint demo with Toshiba 18TB and the newly developed HDD product.

Meanwhile, the FileBoost demo with PegasusPro will display the simplification of video team collaboration with faster copying for both editing and team volumes. The NAB Show attendees will also experience how Pegasus R4i and Pegasus2i internal storages customized for Mac Pro to provide end-to-end solution to creative professionals. Each demo will showcase how PROMISE constantly and repeatedly delivers sustainable performance on each product without frame drop.

VTrak N-Series enhances the existing suite of PROMISE rich media solutions such as Pegasus Pro Series, Pegasus32 Series, PegasusR4i & J2i internal storages, VTrak D5000 Series, Vess R3000 Series, and the Green JBOD VTrak J5960.


About PROMISE Technology

PROMISE Technology is a recognized global leader with more than 30 years of experience in the storage industry. PROMISE creates innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of the Rich Media, Surveillance, Cloud and IT markets. PROMISE's highly experienced sales and engineering teams are strategically located throughout the Americas, EMEA, JAPAC, and China regions to provide unparalleled services and support to its customers around the globe.

For more information, please visit or PROMISE eSupport portal, and follow PROMISE Technology on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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