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ServicePlus (APAC)

ServicePlus (APAC)

The PROMISE ServicePlus Plan in APAC is an upgrade to Promise's outstanding 3-Year limited standard warranty, adding a rapid response onsite hardware parts replacement service. This service is available at business hours for the entire warranty period. The PROMISE ServicePlus plan is available for both fully configured systems sold through Apple authorized channels as well as Windows and Linux qualified systems sold through PROMISE authorized channels***.
The PROMISE ServicePlus plan features the rapid dispatch and installation of critical replacement components. Storage administrators can rest easy knowing they are backed by Promise onsite component replacement. In conjunction with PROMISE's 3-year standard Limited Warranty on the hardware and our 24x7 Technical Support help line, this Plan assures you the best available support to minimize downtime. The onsite replacement service will be provided after failure verification by Promise Technical Support.  


Hardware coverage
The PROMISE ServicePlus onsite service plan covers all of the field replaceable hardware components delivered with VTrak A-Class, G-Class, E-Class subsystems, J-Class expansion chassis and Vess A-Class and R-Class sold through Apple and PROMISE sales channels**.  
  • Covers Promise Storage product while under 3-year limited warranty
  • Available for purchase within 90-days of VTrak purchase
  • Covers all FRUs
    • Complete drive modules: this includes tray, hard drive and mux board if SATA. (mail-out service in APAC)
    • RAID controller and I/O modules
    • Power supply modules
    • Fan module (if designed as FRU)
    • Whole Chassis supported from Promise Taiwan
  • Onsite service personnel will install part and retrieve failed component 
Easy activation
Simple instructions allow subscribers to register their service either online or over the phone. Thereafter, subscribers can track the status of their coverage and warranty through the PROMISE website.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Conditions
* Customers in APAC will receive Next Business Day (NBD) onsite support
** Components shipped in the VTrak factory package; Apple authorized products include fully integrated and tested drive modules. PROMISE Channel products are distributed without hard drives therefore ServicePlus only covers the mechanical drive tray and mux boards that are used with SATA drives.

If you have already registered your product and only need to register the associated service contract, please call the contact numbers below. PROMISE Customer Support Staff will validate your contract for you. You can also open a Support Case at PROMISE eSupport Center. Please have the contract and Promise storage unit serial numbers available.

For immediate support, call the following numbers:
US & Canada +1 (408) 645-3469
International +1 (408) 645-3469
APAC : (886) 3.578-0002 or local contact number
Please check PROMISE eSupport Center for updated contact numbers.
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