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VTrak A-Class Series

The all-in-one storage appliance for rich media

Ideal for multi-user collaboration to ingest, edit, stream and process rich media. This is a true “solution in a box” RAID storage subsystem, with an integrated metadata appliance and embedded file system for big data, along with a NAS Gateway.

Scale out high capacity and high performance

The VTrak A3800 shared SAN appliance is ideal for multi-user collaboration, especially when it comes to rich media. The VTrakFS™ file system is integrated with metadata controllers and VTrak primary storage in a single box, which enables higher performance and workload productivity, while offering easier workflow management.

NAS Gateway for massive client access

The NAS Gateway enables hundreds of clients in the LAN network to access the highly scalable Fibre Channel SAN appliance via 10Gb Ethernet. While the NAS Gateway contains a file sharing protocol and file system management, the key benefit is the VTrak A3800 SAN can scale to petabytes while still appearing as a single NAS folder interface! This eliminates the need to reconfigure clients, unlike traditional NAS environments where costly, additional storage is required.

Simple and fast: a great combination

VTrak A-Class is optimized for high performance, high bandwidth, rich media applications requiring large block sequential IOPs. And because it's an “all-in-one” metadata appliance, RAID storage subsystem, and file system (VTrakFS™), it's much less complicated that competing solutions.

Scalable, reliable and cost-efficient

With A-Class you can “pay as you grow” from 32TB to over 7PB for long-term storage investment protection. Additionally, VTrak x30 is the only Apple-qualified enterprise SAN subsystem, with high-availability dual controllers, hot-swappable modular disk array, and a 3 year warranty. The A-Class can save 30-40% on rack space, and help lower energy costs compared to non-integrated multi-vendor solutions.

Optimized for video-centric environments

The Promise VTrakFS™ file system is optimized for leveraging a 8Gb FC interface for large file data ingesting, streaming, or processing between a SAN and its clients – unlike traditional NAS file systems. Data is directly transferred between the SAN appliance and clients over the SAN FC network. This means higher bandwidth performance and lower latency data transfers, perfect for Media & Entertainment, HPC applications, and other video-centric environments.

Video storage needs are massive. VTrak is the solution!

Store massive amounts of data required by media-centric and HPC environments. Scale across multiple RAID storage subsystems, thus increasing capacity without sacrificing performance.

  • Supports 1024 RAID Logical Drives to make up the volume(s).
  • JBODs can be added to increase the storage space.
  • RAID heads can be added as Storage Nodes to dynamically increase the storage space as well as increase the number of FC counts, thereby scaling performance.
  • All this can be done online, without interrupting the clients.


Supersized file system for big data

VTrak A-Class virtualizes storage to create a single name space, shared storage volume.

  • Each VTrakFS™ consists of a Metadata LUN (MDL) and data LUNs (DL)
  • MDL contains information about file location, size, access times, etc.
  • The VTrak A Class head unit manages directing each client the correct file info over 1Gb Ethernet, but each client has full speed access to actual data via 8Gb Fibre Channel



  • Features
    • Entry level A-Class solution that does not sacrifice functionality
    • 3U/ 16 drives in one chassis
    • 8G FC interface
    • Data path over FC
    • Single name space with file system spanning across multiple storage units
    • High Availability
      • Active-Standby SAN FS metadata server
      • Active-Active RAID controller
    • Metadata Journaling
      • POSIX compliance
      • Client support for Windows, Mac and Linux
      • Multiple clients access shared files, best for sharing and collaboration
      • Optional external NAS extension gateway cluster provides legacy NFS and CIFS protocol access to files
      • Online defragmentation
      • Online expansion of data volume
    • Each File system volume can be individually tuned for the usage of the volume
      • Soft and hard quotas and user per missions
      • Local ACL for small user groups (20 users)
      • Integration with AD and LDAP for ACL
      • Client node ACL
      • Multipath support on clients
      • Provides intelligent fault detection and notification tool on clients
  • Specifications


    32TB to 7PB raw
    Non-disruptive expansion using:
     VTrak x30 Fibre Channel RAID Storage Systems
     VTrak x30 Expansion Chassis
    VTrakFS™ File System
    VTrakFS™ – Integrated clustered file system
    Supports up to 4 simultaneous file systems per system
    Serve up to 1 billion files
    Directory Support: LDAP, Active Directory, Open Directory
    Advanced online defragmentation tool (Advanced Anti-Fragmentation Algorithm)
    Supports ACLs (Access Control List) and User Quota
    Redundant Controllers Hot-Swappable Power Supply Units
    Quad 8G Fibre Channel ports per controller (total of 8 ports for high-availability systems)
    RAID Support
    RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
    Power Efficiency
    Four levels of advanced power management disk drive
    Management Tools/Interface
    Single VTrak A-Class SAN management software
    Client Licenses
    4 Universal Only included. Supports hundreds of clients.
    Three year complete system limited warranty (Two-year extended warranty optional)
    24 x 7 web and phone support
  • Resources


    Promise Technology Debuts the All New NAS Shared Storage and High-Speed Thunderbolt™ 3 to Ethernet Bridge at BroadcastAsia2018

    June 26, 2018

    Promise Technology Inc., a leading developer of open storage platforms, is showcase its latest rich media storage technology innovations tailored for the entire rich media workflow at BroadcastAsia 2018 from June 26 - 28, 2018. Highlights include the newly launched SANLink3 N1 (Thunderbolt 3™ to SAN bridge); the TD-300 (high speed Thunderbolt™ 3 Dock with power delivery), and the VTrak D5800 (unified storage systems deliver uncompromising scalability, flexibility, and affordability). Promise will also debut the Atlas NAS shared storage solution that is ideal for small group sharing, viewing and saving digital media.

    Promise Technology to Debut New NAS Solution for Rich Media Editing at Broadcast India 2017

    October 05, 2017

    Next week at the Broadcast India Show, leading rich media storage technology provider Promise Technology will introduce a new NAS solution  designed for small groups of users editing 4k video- the Vess A3340 Pro. Promise will also be showcasing its Pegasus3, SANLink3 and VTrak A-Class shared SAN appliances at the show, which provide the ideal solution for the entire rich media workflow - from ingest and editing to delivery and processing. Demonstrations will take place in Promise’s booth (D-446) on the show floor at the Bombay Convention Center in Mumbai, India from October 12 - 14.

    Drivers / Utilities / Firmware


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