FileCruiser Series

Simple, secure sharing from anywhere - from any device

FileCruiser intelligently syncs all of your files across all of your devices, so you always have the most up to date files, no matter where you are and no matter which device you are working on.

Team collaboration tools designed to increase efficiency

FileCruiser makes it easy to get your whole team on the same page with powerful collaboration tools that help you create a highly efficient shared workspace. The Team Folder allows team members from various AD/LDAP to share content based on customizable policy controls which are easily defined by the team lead.

Share on demand, how you like

FileCruiser provides a convenient and secure way to share your data internally or to external organizations with Access Control and Trace. Plus, FileCruiser ShareLinks help users easily send large files, reducing e-mail traffic, precious bandwidth and storage space on your mail server.

Online video streaming

With FileCruiser, you can stream video or music on any of your client devices without having to download the entire file. This saves space on your tablet or smart phone and enables you to conveniently keep all your files in one place online.

Delivers enterprise-level data security

Information security is always the top priority in Enterprise IT. FileCruiser provides several advanced security features, such as remote wipe, encryption and two-factor authorization, to protect valuable and confidential data.

Supports remote backup and disaster recovery

FileCruiser lets you schedule backups of all of data on your system to a remote backup server via the Internet. You can access your data from the backup server while the major site is saving.

Scale-out and HA (high availability) architecture

FileCruiser VR2600 is designed for medium to large-sized organizations and provides a high-availability hardware design as well as scale out computing capability.


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