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Apollo Cloud

A safer way to share and save

Managing the photos and videos on your mobile devices is becoming increasingly complicated. As technology evolves, files increase in size and number. With Apollo Cloud, you can store and share these memories both safely and privately.

  • Private and Secure

    Have peace of mind knowing that all data is off the Web, safe and secure on your Apollo Cloud, with all transactions encrypted to protect your privacy.
  • Access Your Files from Anywhere

    Access your files from anywhere in the world. Apollo lets you access your content on any device from anywhere in the world.
  • Share Content with Friends

    Share content with up to nine members. Each member controls what to share and who they share with.

Time Machine on macOS Sierra

Lightning Fast
The first device with optimized hardware encryption support for the latest Time Machine on macOS Sierra - 2.5 times faster!

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Apollo Cloud Mirroring

Double your Safety
Apollo Cloud Mirroring allows you to sync all of your data and configurations to another Apollo Cloud in a different location. The safest mirror you will ever see.

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Apollo Anywhere

Anywhere and Everywhere
Now Apollo Cloud features SAMBA protocol over the Internet. You are no longer limited to only accessing folders on your local network. No matter where you are your data will be with you.

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USB Download/Upload

Fully Flexible Control
Files can now be directly uploaded (or downloaded) to a USB drive, with just one click..

Scheduled Daily Backup

Smarter, Safer Backup
Everything you store on your Apollo Cloud can now be scheduled to automatically back up every day to a USB drive. Advanced encryption means you can trust that your data is safe.

"I am simply amazed at the Apollo device and each firmware upgrade seems to help me to love the device even further. With 2 upgrades (08/16/16 and 10/4/16) Promise Technologies has provided you with a new device. "

by Jon Walters - 10/12/2016

Apollo Cloud new features in sync with macOS Sierra & Time Machine Update! With the comprehensive support for macOS Sierra, you will enjoy lightning fast, redefining convenience, and having everything in control, in time!

"How do you store your memories?" Easy to set up and share, but still private and secure. Everything you need and more!

Need help? Watch the how-to videos to get support by clicks!

Access from anywhere in the world

Apollo Cloud takes minutes to set up. Accessible from any device, Apollo Cloud allows you to have access to all of your content from anywhere in the world.
Never pay recurring fees. Apollo Cloud has 4TB/ 2TB of space that can be shared by up to nine members with no monthly fees.

Private and Secure

Apollo Cloud provides peace of mind knowing that all data is off the Web, safe and secure on a personal Cloud, with all transactions encrypted to safeguard your privacy.

Huge Storage Space

 4TB of storage space with no recurring fees. With Apollo Cloud, save and share more than 440 hours of HD video, 220,000 photos and a half million songs!*

* Calculation averages: HD video = 9GB/hour. 5 minutes MP3 = 0.007GB/title. 12 MP photo = 0.018 GB/photo.

Small device. Huge capacity. Bigger savings.

Safely store up to 4 terabytes, (available to all members) with no recurring fees. You own the hardware so there are no privacy concerns, no fees or changing contract terms.

Quick access to your content from anywhere

Apollo Cloud’s mobile app offers fast access and smooth playback of music, videos and other media content via Internet access.You can even set up the app to automatically upload video and image files as soon as they are saved on your smart phone or tablet.

Total control over your files

Unlike other storage solutions, each user has control over their personal files. Invited members can also get their own storage space within the Cloud with the same ability to share content. In other words, individual users decide what to share, and with whom they share it with.

Easy to set up and use, from virtually anywhere

You don’t need to mess with several apps or hook up a computer to manage Apollo Cloud. Connect and power up, and begin using it almost instantly, from anywhere as long as the Apollo Cloud and your mobile device are able to connect to the Internet.

Private, safe and secure files

Apollo Cloud provides peace of mind, knowing that all data is off the web and safe and secure on your own personal cloud, with all transactions encrypted.All of your family’s content is safely secured in your Apollo Cloud. Thanks to advanced encryption, your important documents, music, movies, images and personal data is safe for years to come.

Go ahead - be social!

Apollo Cloud enables members of your own cloud to comment on and discuss shared content like videos and photos within an entirely private and secure environment.



4TB/ 2TB
USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet
143x190x61 mm/ 5.6x7.5x2.4 inches
1.2 kg/ 2.64 lbs (including HDD)
2 Year Limited Warranty (90 day web/ phone support)
Included in the Box
  • Apollo Cloud Unit
  • 36W AC Power adapter
  • Ethernet cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Serial Number Card

Apollo Cloud Questions

The Apollo Cloud is a dynamic new product that will change the way you store and share your precious electronic memories and important files. If you aren’t familiar with data storage or a private cloud, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for right here!

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