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ServicePlus FAQ

Q: Why Should I Buy Promise Serviceplus Component Replacement Service?

A: The ServicePlus plan keeps your VTrak subsystems performing at their best, ensuring maximum uptime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: What Is The Serviceplus Plan?

A: The plan delivers 24/7 onsite hardware parts replacement service. The ServicePlus plan features rapid next-day dispatch and delivery of critical replacement components, including Saturdays and Sundays.*

Q: How Does The Promise Serviceplus Plan Improve Support?

A: ServicePlus seamlessly upgrades the 24/7 phone support program (included in the VTrak factory warranty) with full 7-day onsite delivery of replacement hardware.

Q: How Long Does The Serviceplus Plan Last?

A: The plan lasts for the life of the VTrak's three-year warranty.

Q: Which Promise Products Are Eligible?

A: ServicePlus covers VTrak RAID subsystems and JBOD expansion chassis sold through authorized resellers.

Q: Which Components Are Covered?

A: Once a PROMISE Technical Support representative has identified a failure, the ServicePlus plan provides rapid, onsite delivery and installation of any VTrak Field Replaceable Unit (FRU).**

Q: What Happens To The Old Parts?

A: The ServicePlus Technician will return the failed component to PROMISE.

Q: How Do I Call For Support?

A: In the event of technical difficulties, contact the PROMISE Technical Support phone number provided on your contract or take advantage of PROMISE's online support. A PROMISE Support Technician will:

  • Validate your ServicePlus contract
  • Identify the hardware failure
  • Issue an RMA
  • Schedule an appointment with an onsite ServicePlus Technician as needed to resolve the issue

Q: How Quickly Do The Support Technicians Respond?

A: PROMISE Support Technicians respond quickly to resolve technical issues. In many areas, the plan provides 4-hour/same day service.* In other areas, the Technician will deliver and install the replacement hardware for you by the next business day.
click here for the list of ServicePlus Service Centers for the service level available in your area.

Q: When Does Serviceplus Coverage Begin?

A: The component replacement coverage period begins at the time that you register the service for an individual VTrak unit.

Q: What Happens When My Factory Warranty Expires?

A: The VTrak factory warranty lasts 3 years. ServicePlus coverage expires at the same time as the factory warranty.

Q: Can I Buy Out-of Warranty Coverage?

A: No. ServicePlus plan is designed to enhance the 24/7 phone support program during the factory warranty period. It is not available after the warranty expires.

Q: Can I Buy Multiple Serviceplus Plan Contracts?

A: Yes. You can purchase multiple contracts at the same time. Note: One contract covers one VTrak unit.

Q: Can I Register Multiple VTrak Units?

A: Yes. Use the ServicePlus activation form to submit multiple contracts, each with the serial number of an individual VTrak unit.

Q: Can I Buy Serviceplus Plans For VTraks Already In Use?

A: Yes. You can purchase and register contracts for a VTrak subsystem (bought through an authorized reseller) within 3 months of purchasing the VTrak.

Q: Are There Discounts For Site Licenses?

A: Site licenses are not currently offered.

Q: Where Do I Purchase The Serviceplus Plan?

A: You can purchase the ServicePlus plan through authorized resellers. Contact your sales representative for current pricing and availability.

Q: Can I Purchase Serviceplus Directly From Promise?

A: The ServicePlus plan is only available through authorized resellers. Please contact your sales representative.

Q: Can I Transfer Serviceplus Coverage If I Sell My VTrak?

A: Yes. You can transfer service coverage at any time during the life of the plan. Contact Technical Support for assistance.

     *   Local holidays are excluded.
   **   FRUs include components such as power supplies, cooling units, and RAID controllers. The system chassis and passive backplane are not FRUs.

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