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Erfolgsgeschichten in der Fertigung: Überwachung und Verfolgung von Produktionslinien in der Fertigung


Brand value and customer satisfaction are developed not only through the quality and functions of the product, but also by meeting the expectations of the customer. Because customers in Japan have particularly high expectations for quality, a system must be established to respond to that level of demand. However, enhancing cost competitiveness requires that quality be maintained at the same time that efforts are made to cut procedures and provide rapid service.

Meanwhile, the dissemination and evolution of digital video surveillance systems using network cameras has made it possible to centrally manage video data, provide rapid access to video data and analyze images in ways that were not easily achievable with the analog cameras of the past. Furthermore, network cameras have also evolved, enabling the capturing of clear, high resolution and supersensitive images. They are being used increasingly more actively, not only to record unanticipated circumstances.


When defects are detected during manufacturing inspection, an investigation must be conducted to determine the process in which the defect occurred and the measures that should be taken. However, back tracing through the work flow to determine the cause of a defect can be extremely time-consuming. In the event of critical safety-related issues, one must also consider shutting down the production line until the cause can be identified. For this reason, a system that can conduct rapid and accurate follow-up investigations is indispensable.


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