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Boost Technologies for Surveillance


Open storage platforms for video surveillance often come with challenges specific to the nature of recording, viewing live and playing back recorded feeds on demand. SMARTBOOST™ Technology has been specially designed to provide the most stable, robust, reliable and high-performance storage tailored for video surveillance system.


Built-in cyber security features include credential management such as improved password strength and defense against brute force password attacks; penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.
Security patch validation and updates are provided as needed. Signature is required for all software images and updates.


PROMISE Utility Pro and WebPAM Pro management software are designed to be user friendly and intuitive providing system monitoring and centralized management for storage server and affiliated storage enclosures. Warnings and alerts can be received in real-time via SNMP and email for critical updates on hardware component status, capacity usage, HDD/SSD/MVMe status and much more.


This includes novel mechanical design of the entire chassis to optimize air flow and fans engineered for durability and cooling performance efficiency. The goal is maximum air flow and the most efficient heat transfer possible for the size of enclosure and number of hard disk drives. Testing by independent laboratories has confirmed the overall energy savings that result from this approach.

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