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PROMISE Utility Pro Even More User Friendly

PROMISE Utility Pro

All in one page of connected Pegasus

All the connected Pegasus are shown on one page “Device list” for the user to select. With the information provided on the cards, users can easily tell the difference between devices and obtain basic information in a very short time.

*Supported Models: PegasusPro Series/Pegasus R4i/Pegasus 32 Series/Pegasus 3 Series/ Pegasus3 PC-Edition Series
*Supported OS: macOS 10.15 or above/ Windows 10 or above

Brand-new dashboard

Brand-new and information integrated dashboard. We keep the vital information on the panel. Just click on the cards and users can easily navigate to the corresponding page. We also have empty state guidance that lets the user set up the environment they need as soon as possible without second thoughts.

Smart guidance to create RAID configuration

We apply lots of Smart guidance in our GUI. First, if PROMISE Utility Pro can not detect any device, we offer a "Welcome page" to remind user to connect devices properly. Second, When the user creates the RAID configuration we offer 2 ways depending on their needs. "Quick Create" ask user several questions and make the best plan for them. "2-Step Create" allows the user to decide their configuration by their own choice. Third, We provide information and steps to make troubleshooting tasks easier for users. "Fix it" in the notification offer guidance which addresses the most common issues that user may encounter.

Quick Create

2-Step Create

Streamline controls on your storage

We help users organize drives and disks in all kinds of states in the left-hand panel. Easier management in one centralized panel. They can check out their storage clearly and function well with all settings. Physical Drives details will appear on the right-hand panel.

Easy firmware update

Easy firmware update. Provide 2 ways of online and manual.

Introduction video

The new service release features a redesigned more user-friendly GUI for the Pegasus R4i (for MAC Pro internal), Pegasus32 (R4, R6, R8), Pegasus3 (R4, R6, R8) .



Utility for macOS

(For Mac-Intel CPU. *Mac-M1 version is coming soon)

Utility for Windows

Supported OS

PegasusPro Series



macOS 10.15 or above
Windows 10 or above

Pegasus R4i



Pegasus 32 Series



Pegasus 3 Series



Pegasus3 PC-Edition Series



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