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Success Stories

Pegasus32 & Streets Ahead



Streets Ahead Productions brings more than 4 decades of collective experience in the entertainment business to their full-suite video production company in Los Angeles, CA. The Streets Ahead crew has produced an impressive portfolio of work including music videos, social media content and other narrative driven projects for Atlantic Records, Endemol Shine, and the Producers Guild of America, among others.

Proving that they are not afraid to take risks, the company greenlit their rst feature lmproject in the spring of 2021. For this new project, necessity required a change in the shooting and post-production workow. Instead of relying of many smaller storage
devices from multiple sources, an all-in-one storage solution was needed – a solution capable of safely storing all the digital imaging and audio data. The crew was not willing to take a risk when it comes to storing their precious data. Fortunately, they found the perfect solution in the Pegasus32 R8.


For their rst independent feature lm project, the Streets Ahead crew needed a storage solution that was robust, secure, portable, and extremely reliable. They do not have the manpower or time to deal with hardware or data storage problems while out traveling and shooting on production days. During the production schedule, they need to make proxies of their footage and store it for editing all on the same storage space. The production data and additional material must be safely stored on one portable system which can later be used for post-production and archiving.

Why choose PROMISE Pegasus?

Which storage system to use was a crucial decision, so a lot of thought went into making the choice. After researching and comparing alternatives, they chose PROMISE for its reputation of reliability, great customer service and commitment to sustainability.


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