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Success Stories

"Unlocking the Potential of Next Gen for Creative Professionals" Promise R8 & HP Z840 Workstation


Film Editor Jim Page discusses how he and his team were able to make "The Pugilist", an upcoming action drama film shot and edited in 6K. 
This short video shows some of the behind the scenes as Jim works with Film Director Glen Kirby, and discusses his workflow.
Jim took advantage of PROMISE R8 RAID Storage on Thunderbolt2, HP Z840 Workstation & HP 1-Port Thunderbolt 2 PCIe I/O Card, NVIDIA graphic cards K6000 and 2x HP Z 27X Dream Color monitors. 

A rock solid platform for Creative Professionals to unleash creativity and meet deadlines.    

For more info about "The Pugilist" film go to:
For more info about Jim Page and his work go to:

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