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Success Stories

PegasusPro R16 & Panda Pictures


A visit to Panda Pictures’ portfolio page provides a hint of the amazing breadth and high quality of work generated at this reputable film production company. In over 12 years, Panda Pictures has earned a reputation as an exceptionally creative and effective full service film producer for corporate clients; successfully partnering with small and large businesses in many different markets.

Panda Pictures staff have long been enthusiastic PROMISE customers, starting with the very first generation of Pegasus Thunderbolt™ Direct Attached RAID Storage systems. As their film production business grew and evolved, Panda Pictures invested in productivity, adopting many Pegasus2 and Pegasus3 units which were likewise evolving with faster Thunderbolt™ versions.


The technological evolution however did not provide a good system for large collaborative video production projects involving input from several team members. Storing assets on numerous local RAID systems became a cumbersome bottleneck to the otherwise smooth team workflow. What was needed was a high performance centralized data storage network that could be easily accessed and enabled fast film transfer among team members.






Panda Pictures

"When it comes to Post Production, the Promise Pegasus Pro R16 is the perfect addition to a multi-collaboration workflow, elevating our editing infrastructure to the next level.
With 128TB integrated into the system, it is the ultimate storage solution for all our high-end projects. The PegasusPro comes with its integrated, highly efficient File Boost Technology, enabling users to quickly switch from DAS to NAS solutions and vice versa.
No more copying from RAID to RAID - with the 4 integrated 10Gbit Ethernet Ports, the performance of every computer whilst editing, color-grad- ing or mixing is just magnificent, enabling me to fully focus on the creative processes in Post Production.
With PROMISE, we are happy to have a reliable partner on our side, supporting us in every aspect, which is fantastic.“

- Patrick Trageser, Post Production Supervisor

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