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Success Stories

PegasusPro R16 & DVV


There is nothing like a hugely successful film to bring attention to a production company. No one knows this better than the crew at DVV Entertainment which has been using the Pegasus line in many of their well-known productions, most recently in their critically acclaimed megahit film RRR. Setting box office records, RRR has been one of the company’s biggest successes to date. We are happy to say that PROMISE Pegasus storage systems have been an important part of that success.

Members of the production crew at DVV Entertainment have been PROMISE Pegasus enthusiasts since 2014 when they acquired their first Pegasus2. After eight years of very positive experience with Pegasus2, Pegasus3, and Pegasus32, they were quite eager to work their cinematic magic with the help of a PegasusPro R16 shared storage system – engineered for professional media production teams. Prior to receiving the PegasusPro R16, the crew had been working with Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Pegasus2/3/32 systems. In particular, the team was impressed with the ease of use, performance and especially the silent running of the DAS Pegasus devices as they were all working together in a single production room. However, due to the logistic reality of DAS storage, frequent sharing of production files among the team can be awkward and time consuming.


Ideally, the DVV team could use a storage system with the performance, reliability and safety of data they experienced with their Pegasus32 DAS devices but with capabilities that enable the team to rapidly share assets with other team member in order to facilitate the post production efforts.


Fortunately, the solution appeared in the form of the PegasusPro R16. PegasusPro promised to make team production much smoother and time-efficient, and it did so with flying colors...

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