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Cost-effective Storage Expansion Platform

As the demands for capacity expansion explode for IT applications and video surveillance, it is imperative that IT administrators find a cost-effective way to meet performance and expansion goals. The Vess J3000 Series is a robust storage expansion platform that serves as a building block to provide reliability and flexibility in a cost effective package that is simple to administer and meets the demands of your application. The 3U-16 bay Vess J3000 models are fully expandable to meet your needs today and in the future.


Redundant Power Supplies

The Vess J3000 Series is equipped with redundant power supplies. The advantage of power supplies is that should one fail, the other continues to power the subsystem until the faulty one can be replaced. Additionally, the power supplies are hot-swappable, which enables you to leave the subsystem running when you replace the one that failed.




Reduce Power and Cooling Costs

The Vess J3000 series utilize environmentally friendly production methods and materials as well as a high-efficiency design that saves energy. Sporting 80 Plus Gold Certified power supplies delivering up to 90% power efficiency, the Vess J3000 Series improves total cost of ownership by conserving power, reducing heat output and improving cooling costs.

Single System Offering 1PB Raw Capacity for Surveillance Applications

With the latest Vess A6000/A7000 series and Vess J3600 series, it’s now available to deliver 1PB raw capacity with 12/14TB HDD fully populated. Vess A6000 series can directly attach a maximum of 5 JBOD units without an extra RAID head to provide you the best TCO(Total Cost Ownership) for your surveillance projects.

Make your Surveillance Storage Management even Easier

Considering the high surveillance storage demands in certain territories and vertical markets like Banking, Prisons, City Surveillance, Large-Scale system, …etc, the Vess J3600sS paired with Vess A6000 or Vess A7000 is a perfect combination. This potent combination not only delivers an optional cost-effective portfolio to meet the storage performance and expansion goal but also simplifies the management efforts of the entire surveillance storage system via a single web GUI for the Vess A6000/A7000 series.


  • Features

    • Expand Vess R3000, A6000 and A7000 subsystems with Vess J3000 expansion units
    • Industry leading performance and reliability at an excellent price
    • Supports 12G/6G SAS and 6G SATA drives simultaneously
    • Field replaceable SAS JBOD I/O modules
    • 3U-16 form factor featuring hot-swappable drive bays
    • Redundant power supplies
    • Energy eflcient system reduces power and cooling costs
  • Specifications


    Drive Support
    • Up to 16 3.5” drives
    • 6/12 Gb SAS, 6 Gb SATA HDD and SSD
    • Supports any mix of SAS and SATA drives simultaneously in the same enclosure
    External I/O Ports (per controller)
    Single (sS)/Dual (sD), IN/OUT 12G SAS-wide port over SFF-8644 per controller.
    Follow Vess J3000 compatibility list
    RAID Storage Subsystem
    Vess R3000/Vess A6000/Vess A7000
    Expander Management Features
    • Self-configuring expander supports full SAS domain topology management
    • End Device Frame buffering (aggregate bandwidth over multiple slow devices e.g. 6G and 3G)
    • Smart cable support to detect cable type and tune PHY automatically for maximum reliability
    • SMP-SAS Management Protocol
    • In-band access to Expander and PHY information
    • Statistic counters
    • SES EM-SES Enclosure Management (ANSI T10 SES 2 Compliant)
    • SCSI SES command set over virtual SSP device
    Management Interfaces
    • LED status indicator support for drives, FRU and enclosure environmentals
    • In-band SES enclosure management alerts user to out of spec operation: thermal condition, voltage condition or component failures, protecting data and hardware
    • Full subsystem management CLI through out-of-band RS232 serial port
    Enclosure Protocol and Management
    ANSI T10 SES 2, SMP (SES over in-band SAS)
    VPD (Vital Product Data) on Chassis and FRUs
    Operation Temperature
    Operational: 5° to 35°C, Non-Operational: -40° to 60°C
    Power Supply
    CRPS 550W ; Eflciency 80PLUS Certified Redundant PSU
    AC: 100-240VAC; DC: 180-320VDC Auto-Ranging
    Current (Maximum)
    < 8A@100-240VAC@full load; < 8A@180-320VDC@full load
    Power Conversion Efficiency
    >80% @ 110V (>20% load), >80% @ 240V (>20% load) Temperature Range
    Operational: 20% to 80% (Non-Condensing), Non--Operational: ~ 95% (Non-Condensing)
    Acoustic Noise Levels
    <60dB, 25℃
    Operational: 5G, 11 ms duration, Non-Operational: 30G, 11ms duration
    Operational: 0.2G, 5 to 500Hz (sine wave) ; 0.41G, 3-10-200-500Hz (Random)
    Non-Operational: 1G, 5 to 500Hz (sine wave) ; 2.256G, 5-80-350-500Hz (Random)
    Safety and Emission Certification
    Safety: IEEE CB, NTRL
    131mm x 446.7mm x 507mm (5.2” x 17.6” x 19.96”)
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