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Post-2021 ISC West: PROMISE Technology Forecast Rising Demand for Large Storage, Greentech and Data Compliance

Santa Clara, California – July 22, 2021 –PROMISE Technology , a leading enterprise storage solutions provider, is forecasting massive growth for large data storage, green technology and data compliance following surveillance trends unveiled at the International Security Conference (ISC West) 2021, held in Las Vegas recently.

At ISC West, PROMISE Technology noted that the focus was very much on Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence, mainly as a result of the “new norm” brought along by the COVID-19 pandemic.

ISC West Trends: Rise in Smart Cities and AIoT Demands

The pandemic has brought into focus the necessity for security and video surveillance amid the “new norm” - be it for tracking close contacts, containing new clusters and mutations, or vaccine passports. In tandem with this increased digitization, many ISC West participants are offering products that cater to governments and property developers speeding up and reactivate pending smart city projects as economies around the globe recover. This contactless multimodal biometric access control products, touchscreen panels that offers unified home automation and security monitoring and space management systems.

With an increase of smart cities, some ISC exhibitors focused on helping systems run smoothly with Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) which is a key component in businesses to streamline decision-making processes with the aid of gathering, analyzing and interpreting data without the need of costly and significant system resources. The integration of AIoT allows autonomy while increasing efficiency, foresee challenges and opportunities, and scale proportionately according to the devices connected.

Trends Renew Focus on Large Data Storage and Greentech

The large amount of data emerging from the predicted increased surveillance results in a surge of data and requires efficient and large storage solutions to ensure a high efficacy rate. To address the demand for both larger storage and offer enhanced integration, PROMISE Technology converges physical security systems to leverage the accumulating amounts of data being produced.

“PROMISE Technology has seen and supported first-hand major changes in the global surveillance industry over the last decade from traditional CVR all the way to AVR (Analytic Video Recorder). We will continue to converge physical security systems to leverage the accumulating amounts of data being produced. For example, our patented SMARTBOOST software provides optimized software features and FRU hardware design to eliminate storage equipment bottlenecks,” said Alice Chang, Chief Sales Officer of PROMISE Technology.

PROMISE Technology has also dedicated an entire R&D team over the last 30 years to further develop Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) solutions to improve efficiency for daily business operations which provides a solid engine to handle complicated data management requirements in the surveillance industry.

This effort is coupled with PROMISE’s focus on eco-friendliness. Noting that incredible amounts of power is necessary to back the new trends, brands are expected to put extra emphasis on green technologies to conserve energy, save costs and keep enterprises as environmentally conscious as possible.

Compliance is Key to Ease Data Privacy Concerns

PROMISE is also predicting that with AI and IoT devices creating large troves of personal data, the focus on cyberthreats as well as to protect privacy concerns has never been higher. Thus, there is now a growing concern among manufacturers to provide National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)-compliant video surveillance products.

“PROMISE Technology has made persistent endeavors in green production and compliance with government regulations, resulting in solid business results over the past 30 years. We consistently offer high-quality, reliable government-compliant solutions. By putting customer data protection and security first, we hope to bring peace of mind to our customers and partners worldwide,” said Chang.    

Large data storage solutions along with “green” technology and strict compliance are only some of PROMISE’s solutions for the global audience. With expected surveillance industry boom in the “new norm”, PROMISE is keeping a close eye on developments to ensure its solutions are in line with different local demands and evolving requirements to provide surveillance companies with tools to tackle new challenges.

About PROMISE Technology

PROMISE Technology is a recognized global leader with decades of experience innovating high-performance enterprise security and surveillance storage solutions by leveraging on R&D to improve product compatibility with various video management software (VMS), capacity standards and technology to deliver better adaptability and higher performance to its customers.

PROMISE Technology security and surveillance solutions includes the Vess A-Series, VTrak Series and Vess R-Series product lines, optimized for IP video surveillance. The Vess A-Series of network video recorders offer low TCO, additional storage space, fast interaction, remote management, scalability and reliability. In addition, the patented SMARTBOOST storage software and Surveillance Planner project design tool as well as the Secure Software Development Life Cycle (S-SDLC) are available for clients requiring value-added surveillance storage solutions.

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