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Press Releases

PROMISE Technology Goes Greener, Smarter & More Compact with Ecosystem Partners at Intersec 2023

DUBAI, UAE, Jan. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- PROMISE Technology, a global leader in streaming data storage solutions, continues to push the security industry forward through innovation and collaboration with key ecosystem partners. To showcase its latest achievements, the company will display its cutting-edge surveillance solutions at Intersec 2023 in Dubai on January 17-19.

"PROMISE Technology is kicking off a new year of bold leadership in the industry along with our ecosystem partners. The first stop is Intersec Dubai, where we are showcasing how our patented technology — our 'BOOST Family' — continues to add immense value," said Alice Chang, Chief Marketing Officer. "SmartBoost, SecurityBoost, ServiceBoost, and GreenBoost, along with our Vess A-Series and entire lineup, all demonstrate how PROMISE is solving customers' problems and delivering outstanding performance, reliability, ease-of-mind, and sustainability."

Embracing sustainability in archive solutions (partnering with Toshiba at booth SA-G12)

As the need to reduce energy consumption and emissions grows globally, PROMISE Technology is focusing on energy-efficiency with uncompromising performance, in particular with its own GreenBoost technology. Partnering with Toshiba at SA-G12, visitors can see the latest green solution specially designed for video footage archiving needs. This comprehensive solution includes PROMISE's widely adopted Vess R3600, Green JBOD VTrak J5960, and all-in-one appliance Vess A8120. In addition, VTrak J5960 is installed with Toshiba 18TB hard drives to offer up to 1PB of capacity for long-term archiving, as well as up to 20% less power consumption to meet the expanding need for sustainable products.

AI in surveillance (partnering with Milestone at booth S1-H19)

PROMISE is actively harnessing the growing importance of artificial intelligence — particularly Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) — in the industry, and the company will showcase its latest AI solution at Intersec Dubai beside its strategic partner Milestone Systems. This comprehensive solution combines the Vess A8600 — enabled with PROMISE's proprietary SmartBoost technology that supports up to 200 cameras — with four GPUs to accelerate IVA and AI applications. It also is integrated with a custom-made plug-in for Milestone's video management software (VMS) and PROMISE's ServiceBoost embedded functions, providing an easy-to-use interface for end-users to monitor and manage their surveillance systems.

Keeping solutions compact (showcasing at Network Optix booth SA-E39)

PROMISE Technology also recognizes the need for compact solutions that can be useful for discreet deployment. Working together with Network Optix, the open and extensible IP video development platform, PROMISE is showcasing the Vess A8020, which also offers the option of Network Optix's Nx Witness 5.0 VMS as well as a customized plug-in for seamless integration with hardware monitoring and management. This two-bay storage system is perfect for compact use cases such as banking solutions, gas stations, and retail stores, particularly with a design that enables customers to autonomously install and maintain it.

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