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TAA Compliance Statement

The Trade Agreement Law (19 U.S.C. §§2501-2581) aims to promote fair and open international trade. It requires the U.S. government to purchase products from sources limited to those made in the U.S. and countries recognized to support fair and open international trade. The bill further requires contractors to prove that the end products purchased by the US Government must actually meet the above manufacturing location requirements.

All products from PROMISE Technology USA (Made in Taiwan) comply with the provisions of the TAA Trade Agreement Law.

TAA Compliance Product List

Product Category Models
Vess Vess A2330, Vess A3120 Series, Vess A3340 Series, Series, Vess A6000 Series, Vess A6120 Series, Vess A7000 Series, Vess A8020, Vess R3000 Series, Vess J3000 Series Vess A8120, Vess A8600, Vess A8800
Pegasus Pegasus32 Series,Pegasus R4i & Pegasus J2i PegasusPro Series, Pegasus M4
SANLink SANLink3 N1
VTrak VTrak D5000 Series, VTrak E5000 Series, VTrak J5000 Series, VTrak J5960, VTrak N-Series


Printed Name: Tung Hsu Lin (Edward Lin)
Title: President
Telephone: Tel: 886-3-5782395 ext:5000

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