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PROMISE Technology Steps Up as a Green Leader in Data Storage

SANTA CLARA, Calif., December 7, 2021 / PROMISE Technology (or 'PROMISE'),  the leading storage solutions provider, has vowed to become a green leader in the data storage industry and step up its green operations, conduct and products. This commitment comes following COP26, where world leaders strengthened their commitments to reach net zero targets by 2030.

Demand for data storage has ballooned alongside the rise of cloud computing, streaming services and cryptocurrency mining. As the volume of data centers skyrockets, these facilities are having a pronounced impact on climate change: the data storage industry is expected to account for 3.2 per cent of total worldwide carbon emissions by 2025 and consume approximately a fifth of global electricity. Left unchecked, data storage is estimated to be responsible for 14 per cent of global emissions by 2040 — the same proportion as the US accounts for today.

“Offering green data storage solutions is a critical step to reaching net zero targets. With demand for data continuing to rise, it’s time for the industry to step up our efforts to contribute to a greener world. At PROMISE, possessing “Green DNA” and caring for the environment has always been a core part of our values — and now we are stepping up and leading the way with a renewed focus on cleaner and more energy-efficient planet,” said Alice Chang, Chief Sales Officer, PROMISE Technology.

PROMISE aligns with green regulations worldwide

PROMISE is one of only a handful of data providers globally that is placing green data storage at the heart of its business, largely due to the high investment required to comply with various regulations and policies around the globe. However, this is no deterrent for PROMISE, which has consistently developed eco-friendly solutions since its inception.

PROMISE has held its ISO 14001 certification since 2005, an international standard that outlines requirements companies need to meet for the formulation and maintenance of an environmental management system. The company also introduced the PROMISE Social Responsibility Policy in 2018, which reinforced its commitment to limit the group’s environmental impact.

The data storage provider foresees stricter sustainable guidelines coming in place in the near future. As a result, PROMISE is in the process of working to comply with eco-design requirements for servers and data storage products. Ever ahead of the curve, PROMISE has embraced both policies and regulations from the conceptual stage to production process, long before the mandatory implementation for storage products comes into effect in 2023. All PROMISE products are also RoHS, WEEE, ISO1401 and REACH compliant.

PROMISE has continued its track record of developing green technologies by incorporating green design, green production methods and environmental protection considerations into its VTrak J5960. VTrak J5960 adopts the latest generation of SAS Expander and customized firmware to reduce power consumption and lower thermal output. VTrak J5960 PSUs are certified 80 Plus Platinum and ENERGY STAR-ready for high power conversion efficiency at different loads: 91% efficiency for 20% loads, 94% efficiency for 50% loads, and 91% efficiency for 100% loads.

About PROMISE Technology

PROMISE Technology is a recognized global leader with more than 30 years of experience in the storage industry. PROMISE creates innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of the Rich Media, Surveillance, Cloud and IT markets. PROMISE's highly experienced sales and engineering teams are strategically located throughout the Americas, EMEA, JAPAC, and China regions to provide unparalleled services and support to its customers around the globe. For more information, please visit, and follow PROMISE Technology on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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