Simple, Effective Infrastructure Management and App Deployment

End-to-end management solution for VSkyCube hyper-converged systems

Enterprise clouds require an easy and effective solution and interface for planning, management, provisioning, and monitoring IT operations , on a daily basis.

VSkyView is an end-to-end management solution for VSKyCube hyper-converged systems. Designed from ground-up and powered by advanced technologies, VSkyView brings unprecedented simplicity and effectiveness to IT administrators for infrastructure management, application deployments, and everyday operations.

Manages compute, networking, and storage in a layered structure

VSkyView manages entire VSkyCube stack across three major infrastructure areas, compute, networking, and storage, in a layered structure. From bottom to top, VSkyView manages physical hosts, logical cluster, applications, and individual virtual machines.

Functions for entities management

For entities being managed on each layer, VSkyView provides: Deploying,  Provisioning, and Monitoring functions.  Specifically, VSkyView manages these entities with the following functions:

  • Hosts: allows the addition of hosts to join the management domain under VSkyView, initial provisioning, and status monitoring and reporting.
  • Clusters: initial deployment of a cluster, event based cluster operations, and cluster monitoring.
  • Applications: infrastructure resource allocations and provisioning for applications, deploying applications, and monitoring of applications during run-time.
  • Virtual Machines: VM lifecycle management from creation, initial placement, migration, and monitoring, etc.


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