Securely Mobilize and Share Your Data

Mobilize and Share Your Business Data Securely

VSkyBox is application software designed for enterprise file sharing and collaboration in a secure way. VSkyBox is deployed on the Promise hyper-converged system VSkyCube as an application running in the form of virtual machine. Multiple VSkyBox VM’s can be deployed in an application cluster to scale up the service and performance.

VSkyBox provides the following two major benefits to businesses to improve business productivity:

  • Mobility - Secure access to business data anytime, anywhere, with any device
  • Sharing and Collaboration - Secure file sharing, inside and outside of a business, and collaboration

The following diagram is a high level view of the overall architecture.

What differentiates VSkyBox from other File Share & Sync solutions is VSkyBox’ s strong offering in providing a flexible and powerful team collaboration feature, which is summarized in the following diagram.


Flexible and Dynamic Deployment In a Private Cloud Setup

VSkyBox server software is deployed as one or more virtual machines running on top of VSkyCube hyper-converged system VSkyCube in an on-premise private cloud setup. Deployment of VSkyBox server(s) and storage used for service is extremely flexible and thus can be tailored for different requirements in terms of performance levels, number of users, and storage capacity.

A single VSkyBox instance with initial storage capacity can be deployed initially. Over time when the number of users increases, additional VSkyBox instances can be added to the original instance(s) and form a service cluster to ensure adequate performance. Similarly, storage can easily grow as content continues to add to the system.

Anytime, Anywhere, and Any Device Access

VSkyBox supports various access methods on different devices:

  • Window and Mac Desktop/Laptop – run VSkyBox agent software for access
  • iOS/Android phones and PAD – run iOS/Android applications
  • Major Web Browsers – IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari 

Authentication and Role-Based Access Control

Easy and flexible integration with enterprise authentication infrastructure including AD or LDAP, as well as system based Local Authentication. In a typical setup, employees of a business are authenticated using AD or LDAP while Local authentication is used to authenticate people who may be outside contractors on a project and on a temporary basis.

Authorization and Access are fully controlled by the role of each individual. Basic roles include: Administrator, Team Lead, and Team Members, with each role having different privileges in terms of administrative work, file access and sharing.

Other than the VSkyBox pre-defined roles, user definable roles with different access privileges can be created and added to the system as needed.

Flexible and yet Secure Collaboration

To meet various organizational structures under different circumstances, VSkyBox is designed to provide multiple “Work Space” for flexible collaboration, including:

  • Individual Work Space – this work space belongs exclusively to the owner
  • Team Space under AD/LDAP Domain – this is a space that typically is set up for employees within a business to collaborate
  • Team Space under Local Domain – this is a space that typically is set up for non-employee who needs to be collaborated on a temporary basis

Each individual by default owns his or her personal space. Optionally, an individual can join one or more teams in AD/LDAP or Local authentication domains.

Within a team, a team member’s capability to access and share files is defined and restricted by his role and access rights, as assigned by Team Lead. This is especially useful for file sharing as files can be shared to member in the same team, to different teams within AD/LDAP domain, to different teams outside AD/LDAP domain, or to public. 

File Operations and Data Confidentiality

Other than usual file operations Create, Read, Update, and Delete, VSkyBox provides additional features to make it easier and flexible for users, including the following:

  • File Versioning – different versions of files are kept and allow for recovery of an older version
  • Support Unlimited File Size – there is no limitation on the file size that can be uploaded
  • File Transfer Continuation – for large file transfer, interruptions of transfer that requires starting it over are very annoying. VSkyBox supports the continuation of previously interrupted transfers
  • File Locking – To allow for exclusive access for file updates
  • Restrictions of certain files in terms of size or types to be uploaded
  • On-line viewing and full content search of files
  • Comments can be added to files as needed by members to greatly enhance the collaboration experience
  • Expiration and password protection for sharing files to ensure authorized and limited time access only
  • File Compression and De-dupe – this will enhance the transfer performance as well as make better utilization of storage space
  • Encryption in-flight and at-rest – Data confidentiality is guaranteed with AES256 encryption while it is being transmitted or written to hard disk

Monitoring, Notification, and Audit Trail

For compliance and security reasons, all devices and users are logged for any login attempts and actions taken after a successful login.

Access to individual files including Read, Write, Copy, Move, Share, and others are logged. The logged information can be searched using key words or user ID, etc. All logs include time stamp. As a result, a user’s complete activities during a given time period can be tracked and reported entirely


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