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Success Stories

PROMISE Technology & photographer Jeff Lipsky


It would be an understatement to say that photographer Jeff Lipsky followed an unconventional path from snowboard instructor to renowned Hollywood celebrity photographer. And success in this ultra competitive profession is by no means a certainty, even for someone with an obvious gift for his art. But when it comes to choosing equipment to use on a shoot, confidence is a must. A tremendous amount of time and effort goes into arranging, setting up and conducting a photo session; and the subjects are people with limited time and tight schedule demands. There is zero tolerance for equipment malfunction or data loss. Jeff needed a compact, high-performance digital storage solution that was extremely reliable and secure. He decided to try the Pegasus M4 SSD RAID storage from PROMISE Technology. As you will see, Jeff was very happy with his decision. 



Whether on location in the scenic San Juan Mountains of Colorado or in a Hollywood soundstage, mobility is a key factor as Jeff frequently travels to locations where his subjects are filming, or request a session in scenic, often remote location. He was looking for a solution to fit many criteria.


“The Promise product solves having a large redundant storage in a compact form. When I’m on set shooting we have limited space and we never used a raid system location before.”


Prior to using the M4, Jeff carried several individual SSD USB drives which were problematic for important reasons including lack of data safety, the separate drives were cumbersome to carry and manage, time consuming when transferring data to the central data base on his computer. The portability and data safety factor are especially significant. Data loss is a disaster when you have limited time and often have very unique moments caught on camera that cannot be replicated. 

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