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Success Stories

Promise VTrak D5000 Unlocks Possibilities For Vestige Digital Investigations


Established in 2004, Vestige Digital Investigations is a leading U.S. Electronic Evidence Experts company specializing in Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity solutions – both proactive and reactive, as well as ESI Consulting. Because Vestige works within the cybersecurity, forensics and electronic discovery solution space, they deal with large volumes of data that need to be accessible by multiple computers for processing and analysis.


Vestige’s previously deployed storage was reaching end-of-life and was maxed out in size so Promise was able to deploy the new VTrak D5000 Series. Vestige selected this as their new storage solution due to the ability to start small and grow big from terabytes to petabytes. The VTrak D5000 not only ofered Vestige fast 10GbE performance, it answered their need for highly accessible and collaborative storage and fully integrated with their cybersecurity, forensic and electronic discovery applications that tied directly into their Active Directory environment. Not only was the feature set a must for Vestige, but the cost efective price sealed the deal. Promise was a smarter solution than the competition.


  • Cost-efective, comprehensive storage solution allowed for Vestige to seamlessly replace its out-of-date and maxed out storage solution
  • Best in class technical support. Deployment is a breeze and the 24/7 technical support that includes next business day parts replacement for the first 3 years is indeed top notch
  • VTrak D5000 resolved storage limitations and performance bottlenecks
  • Future proofing. Start small and have the ability to scale up. Allowed Vestige to begin porting its lab over 10GbE network
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