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Success Stories

PROMISE Technology & DJ La Fuente


DJ La Fuente (Job Smeltzer) travels around the globe bringing his unique style of uplifting House music and energetic stage performances. Creative energy pours from La Fuente and his team as they have been leveraged many professional cameras for shooting the content. Their passion for music and performance has been dazzling smiling crowds in across the world. Creating an excited and pumped crowd is what they do best, so the last thing they want is a technical hassle to interrupt their workow. That’s why La Fuente turned to PROMISE Pegasus32 Series.


Performance, reliability and safety of data are all required for an external storage system that contains digital assets used for production. All projects and digital assets are stored on the external storage device. Content is created using a Mac attached to the Pegasus32; and productions for performances are transferred to a Mac used at the performance site


La Fuente and his team uses four Pegasus R6 with Thunderbolt™ RAID Storage units optimized for media production applications. Editing video and producing music is a time intensive creative process, any down time or slowdown can negatively impact the workow, increasing production cost and aecting quality. Keeping up with the demanding workload requires a system that delivers performance, data security, rock solid reliability and ease of use.


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