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Success Stories

City Surveillance

Parking Surveillance in Singapore


Singapore is one of the most densely populated regions in the world, with over 7,000 people per squared kilometer crammed into the island country. A natural issue that arises with so many people in such a small area is that legally parking one’s car is not an easy task! Illegal parking is a real problem in Singapore and it affects the safety and convenience of Singaporeans and how the city-state’s businesses are able to operate.

A customer of D-Ron Singapore Pte. Ltd. was selected to work on a project which required building a complete video surveillance solution to store critical legal information pertaining to the recorded video footage of illegally parked vehicles from their video management software platform. 

The customer worked closely with D-Ron to find a suitable storage partner that offered high-performing solutions qualified by world leading companies and whose solutions offered the flexibility to work with components and drives from a variety of manufacturers. Specifically, the customer required a storage solution that offered high-bandwidth and low latency, and they required high IOPs performance.


D-Ron Singapore turned to PROMISE Technology and the VTrak storage
system. For this project, the customer is using Sony VB630 IP cameras and Milestone XProtect® Corporate VMS. The recorded footage is stored on the VTrak Series fibre channel external storage subsystem and the VTrak Series ultra-dense 4U 60-bay SAS expansion JBOD.

The customer is stacking the VTrak installation in a secured environment connected to a number of recording servers. The incoming video comes from roads with a particularly high number of illegal parking incidents and all of the recorded feeds are kept safe in the array for a minimum of one year. The VTrak solution is configured in RAID 6 and multiple LUNs are created which are connected to the recording server via fibre channel.

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