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PROMISE Technology is committed to providing high quality service and support to its customers. Our technical support is limited to PROMISE branded retail products. Different OEM manufacturers may have made unique modifications to the PROMISE hardware or software and they are responsible for supporting their products.

PROMISE does not offer support on any of the following:

  • Controllers sold under another vendors' name
  • Systems such as those from Dell, Gateway, Micron, NEC, Fujitsu or others that may include a PROMISE controller
  • Motherboards which have an embedded PROMISE controller

If you have purchased any of the products listed above, please contact the vendor from whom you purchased the product for technical support.

If you want to download materials of legancy products, please click the following:

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Recent Download
Product Name Version Release Date Times
VTrak A-Class Series Firmware Release SR2.2
v1.12.0000.00 2015/02/20 64
VTrak A-Class SR2.2 Compatibility List v1.01
v1.01 2015/02/20 51
VTrak G-Class NAS Gateway PR1
01.02.0000.21 2015/02/20 58
FileCruiser Backup and Restore
v0.3 2015/01/26 1263
FileCruiser Outlook Plugin V4
v4 2015/01/04 739
FileCruiser Mac Agent v1.01.0000.26 (SR1)
v1.01.0000.26 (SR1) 2015/01/04 8084
FileCruiser Windows Agent v1.01.0000.36 (SR1)
v1.01.0000.36 (SR1) 2015/01/04 1665
VTrak A-class Datasheet (English)
v2.3 2014/12/22 1179
NAS G1100 Application and Performance Notes
v1.0 2014/12/18 934
VTrak A-Class Application and Performance Notes
v1.0 2014/12/18 1053