Enterprise Storage
VTrak A-Class - Turnkey SAN Filesystem Solution

The PROMISE VTrak A-Class Shared SAN Filesystem Storage Appliances are the fastest and easiest to deploy as well as the most cost effective solution in the industry. Unlike expensive solutions that require complex multi-vendor interoperability and support, the VTrak A-Class provides a single-vendor solution that is as easy to setup, configure and manage as it is on the pocketbook.

A Storage Industry Breakthrough

An integrated, turnkey SAN Filesystem solution, VTrak A-Class reduces the complexity of SAN configuration to a single unit. Requiring zero server hardware, VTrak A-Class allows for high-performance, collaborative editing right out of the box, using the high performing, low latency VTrakFS.



Single, Integrated Management Suite

Eliminate the amount of software needed to configure and monitor your SAN. VTrak A-Class provides a single application to manage the SAN, clients, and all data storage units connected to A-Class.

The A-Class management suite delivers incredible feature support including advanced automatic SAN creation tools, online defragmentation tools, user quotas and Directory Services support such as Active Directory, Open Directory, and much more.


Highly Scalable, Online Expansion

VTrak A-Class supports huge expansion needs all without system downtime. A-Class supports scale out expansion using VTrak E-Class RAID Heads or scale up expansion using VTrak J-Class JBODs allowing over 7 petabytes of data to be managed by A-Class.




Lower Your TCO

With A-Class being an integrated, turnkey solution, it eliminates the need for extra servers to manage your SAN. No extra servers, equals less power usage, less heat generated and a fewer number of Fibre Channel ports required for your SAN.


Broad Support

A-Class delivers broad support across a heterogeneous environment that seamlessly run in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux environments without any third party support. A-Class has also been tested to ensure compatibility with the most popular near line editor, backup, and asset management applications.


Performance For Creative Professionals

VTrak A-Class was designed for high performance video workflows for those creative professionals needing high bandwidth, low latency. High performance workflows enable faster project completion, providing you with time for more projects and higher revenues.