Flexible, Secure Desktops for Your Business Needs



Promise VSkyPoint Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a secure, centrally-managed, fully-personalized desktop solution designed to increase business mobility, centralized and secure corporate data and reduce desktop/app management overheads. VSkyPoint is designed to run as a Virtual Machine on the Promise hyper-converged VSkyCube system, to meet these virtual desktop needs with the following benefits:

  • High Availability, Serviceability, Scalability, and Security
    VSkyPoint can scale from one physical node to many tens of nodes while ensuring serviceability, availability, and security of each desktop and related data.
  • Flexible and Elastic Deployment
    Deep integration with VSkyCube HCI ensures that computing, networking, and storage resources can be rapidly configured to meet the fast-paced business demands.
  • Centralized Provisioning and Management Interface
    Flexible administrative portals provide comprehensive system information, and powerful and repeatable resource provisioning.
  • Excellent Cost Performance Value, Optimized for SMB/ROBO
    VSkyPoint is one of the most cost effective solutions in the VDI marketplace, extending the industry leading Cost/Performancevalue of VSkyCube HCI.

Feature Highlights

Flexible User Management

  • Groups and Policies
  • User Import From Microsoft AD and LDAP

Powerful Desktop Customization

  • Customizable Storage Volumes
  • Shareable Desktop Images
  • Reuseable Desktop Profiles

Data Security

  • USB Port Control
  • Centralized Data Storage and Protection

Comprehensive Administrator and User Portals


  • Fresh Desktop – Auto-reboot and restart with a fresh desktop on user change
  • USB Port Control – Disable or authorize specific USB devices based on device type or ID
  • Master Image – Provision multiple desktops using a read-only base image
  • Centralized Data Store and Management – Complete, centralized retention maintains data security and audit-trail
  • Audit – Monitors and reports desktop access for compliance

Use Cases

Public Desktop

Public desktops can take advantage of fresh desktop solution to provide a new desktop based on a master image for each new access. Port control and audit features can be used to ensure that no misuse occurs

  •  Task Based
    •  Multiple users with common tasks
    •  Call Centers, Tellers, Receptionists/Security, Factories, Test Labs
  • Public Access
    •  Rotating user base, common tasks
    •  Kiosks, Public Libraries, Airports, Exhibitions, Stock Trading, Education

Private Desktop

Customizable, desktops with private data volumes can be quickly set up with di_erent configurations and base images according to the needs of each user. Data is stored centrally, making it secure, auditable, and accessible

  • Multi-Platform
    • Multiple users with different toolsets and tasks
  •  Labs, Educational Settings, Development Teams
  • Administration Desktop Cloud
    • Multiple users with specialized applications and access to proprietary/sensitive materials
    •  Administrative teams such as IT/HR


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