Hybrid-Cloud Style Application Mobilization and Protection

VSkyMotion – Maximizing the Agility of your IT Infrastructure

VSkyMotion platform software for Promise VSkyCube Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solution enables VSkyCube on-premise or hybrid-cloud environments to achieve maximum agility. VSkyMotion provides the following features and benefits:

Workload Migration

  • Physical to Virtual
    • Migrate physical Windows workloads to VSkyCube Virtual to Virtual
  • Virtual to Virtual
    • Migrate virtual Windows or Linux workloads from VMware  vSphere  to VSkyCube
    • Migrate virtual Windows workloads from Microsoft Hyper-V and Amazon AWS to VSkyCube

Disaster Recovery

  • Enables VSkyCube to act as a DR site for Physical Windows, Hyper-V, vSphere, or other VSkyCube primary site
  • Enables Amazon AWS public cloud to act as a DR site for a VSkyCube primary site

Hybrid Cloud

  • Allows for VSkyCube workloads to extend to AWS public cloud infrastructure for cloud bursting

Migration from Physical Machine Infrastructure to VSkyCube Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

The trend toward running enterprise IT on virtualized infrastructure has become stronger in the last several years. However, there are still a significant number of small to medium businesses that still are running their IT on physical machine infrastructure, typically in Windows environments. This not only burdens these SMBs with higher IT costs, but also locks them into less and less competitive positions as competitors move to take advantage of the agility, elasticity, and flexibility of virtualized IT infrastructure solutions.

Hyper-converged infrastructure solutions such as VSkyCube take virtualization technologies to the next level, o"ering additional benefits on top of traditional virtualization, and are the logical choice for SMBs moving forward. However, the migration process is a huge barrier to adoption, since moving existing servers and applications from physical machine to virtualized environments is typically a lengthy and potentially error-prone process.

VSkyMotion is designed to automate the migration process, greatly shortening migration time frames, while cutting down on unexpected errors, removing these pain points in a Physical to Virtual migration.

Migration from Existing Virtualized Infrastructure to VSkyCube Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

For companies already running IT on virtualized infrastructure such as VMware vSphere but want more flexibility or lower costs; or for companies that started on public-cloud infrastructure such as AWS but are looking to move to an on-premise solution due to data security or budget concerns, hyper-converged infrastructure solutions such as VSkyCube may be the next step. VSkyCube solutions o"er even more flexibility and ease of use on top of traditional virtualization, and can be the perfect on-premises solution for organizations concerned with the data-security of public cloud solutions.

VSkyMotion makes Virtual to Virtual migration a snap, automating and facilitating migration from AWS, VMware vSphere, and Hyper-V platforms.

Disaster Recovery/ Backup to VSkyCube Based Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Site

For companies with existing physical Windows or vSphere/Hyper-V virtualized Windows environments and are looking to establish a secondary site for DR or stand-by purposes, VSkyCube hyper-converged infrastructure running VSkyMotion is the perfect solution for a backup site.

VSkyMotion can be tasked to continuously take snapshots of selected workloads – including application images and associated data– from the servers on the primary site, and transfer the delta these workload snapshots over to the backup/standby VSkyCube cluster. This cluster can be quickly brought-up and shoulder the workload of the primary site with minimal data losses in the event that the primary site is shut down for either planned maintenance or unexpected break-downs. Data can later be recovered to the original site if necessary.

Extending VSkyCube Based Hyper-Converged Infrastructure to Public Cloud such as AWS

When VSkyCube hyper-converged infrastructure solutions are used as a primary operational site, VSkyMotion enables extension of IT infrastructure onto a public cloud such as AWS, either for DR or cloud-bursting purposes.

When VSkyMotion is deployed on AWS, it can serve as a backup site to primary VSkyCube – continuously taking snapshots of selected workloads on VSkyCube primary site and transferring them to AWS. Recovery of AWS infrastructure can be easily done when the VSkyCube primary site becomes in-operable.

Summary of Supported Function and Use Cases

The table summarizes the supported use cases and specific workloads.

* Specific versions and/or patches may be required for functionality. For a detailed list, please contact your sales representative.


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