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Banking on PROMISE Surveillance Solution in the Netherlands


The bank consulted Videotronic Infosystems Nederland B.V. to help build a surveillance solution specially designed for ATM services distributed throughout the Netherlands. Videotronic designs solutions for banking, logistics, government and industrial environments. Videotronic has a long history of success using the PROMISE storage systems in their designs, so when the client bank needed a solution for their ATM network, PROMISE was ready with a brand new series specifically designed for this type of application. 


ATM surveillance presents unique challenges, especially regarding space available for the hardware where the issue of heat dissipation is a particularly important consideration. The system must include advanced surveillance features integrated with security external devices on VMS that are required by IT management. Ideally the solution will be compact so it can fit inside the ATM machine. It must be extremely reliable, have excellent performance and have been comprehensively tested with selected VMS.




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