VSky A-Series
Scale-Out Storage Solutions

Powerful scale-out storage solution for enterprises and data centers

VSky A-Series are scale-out storage solutions that allow businesses to scale, access and archive at petabyte volumes, making them ideal for backup/archiving, media editing, video surveillance, virtual environments, content delivery and more.

Seamless scaling

The explosion of data has created massive challenges for IT professionals, who must now think on a petabyte scale. Unfortunately, many traditional storage systems are not able to efficiently and cost effectively store that much data. VSky A-Series overcomes these challenges, allowing customers to scale to petabyte volumes - with no downtime, a single flat name space and no capacity planning needed.

All-in-one storage solutions

Unlike competing solutions lacking multi-protocol access, VSky A-Series provides a single infrastructure with scale-out capability for object, file, and block level storage. As an all-in-one storage solution, VSky A-Series solved the complicated issue of managing different storage systems, delivering data protection and NAS, iSCSI and Object functions, via a single management interface.

Integrated solutions

The VSky A-Series are integrated solutions, which include both the software and hardware provided by Promise. This eliminates installation and support issues that arise when integrating software-defined storage and commodity hardware from different vendors.

VDI/Server virtualization

VSky's high performance iSCSI interface allows businesses to create an individual distributed storage pool that can be used dynamically in many different applications.


  • Features
    • 1U Appliance Server which can be connected to PROMISE Vess or VTrak* RAID storage
    • Distributed storage platform for hyper-scale petabyte storage for the cloud
    • Unified storage pool for a large number of clients to access
    • Wide support for protocols and applications, including NFS/CIFS, iSCSI, Amazon S3, Swift, WebDAV restful API’s
    • Provides data protection services and remote replication
    • Self-healing with no downtime
    • WebDAV restful API for integration
    • Multi-Tenancy
    • IO-QoS, snapshot, schedule snapshot, thin provisioning, data rebalance to reduce TCO, seamless data migration
  • Specifications


    Form Factor
    Intel Xeon E3-1230 V3@3.3 GHz, 4 Cores
    32GB DDR3 ECC
    Internal Storage
    2 x 32GB MLC SSD (RAID 1)
    External RAID storage
    PROMISE VTrak* or Vess
    Storage Expansion
    Up to 48 HDDs (64 HDDs in SR1*) per node
    Up Link Port
    10 GbE SFP+ x 4
    (2 ports for cluster, 2 ports for data uplink)
    Down Link Port (to storage)
    2 ports 8G FC to RAID storage
    SAS from RAID storage to JBOD
    615 x 444 x 44 mm
    Power Consumption
    Safety Certification
    BSMI , CB, C-Tick , CE , FCC , KCC ,VCCI , TUV , UL
    NAS:SMB/CIFS (v2), NFS (v2, v3)
    Object:S3 compatible API, Swift
    Scale-Up:Yes (SAS JBOD Storage)
    Node:1 node in the single unit
    Data Protection
    Replication:3 nodes as the minimum requirement
    Erasure Coding:Yes*
    Data Services
    Thin Provisioning:iSCSI Volume only*
    Snapshot:iSCSI Volume only, MAX 1024 snapshots per cluster*
    Remote Replication:iSCSI*, NAS
    Remote Replication from NAS to S3:NAS, Object
    Multi-Tenancy:iSCSI*, NAS
    Multi-tiers caching:Yes*
    Virtual Storage:Yes
    Object multi-region deployment:Up to 2 locations
    QoS:iSCSI*, NAS
    Load Balance:NAS, Object
    AD/LDAP support:NAS
    Seamless Migration:iSCSI Volume only*
    *Service Release 1
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